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The FIFA era is over, which means FIFA 24 will not be coming out this year, or at least in its usual form.

Instead, EA Sports have split away and announced the arrival of EA Sports FC, with hype, leaks and rumours already beginning to circulate regarding the new game.

As ever, with the football season drawing to a close, the excitement for a new football gaming is mounting, with official information dropping in July.

However, until then, we've got you covered for everything you need to know about the release of EA Sports FC / FIFA 24.


Prolific leaker @FUTZONEFIFA has taken to Twitter to reveal a host of new information regarding EA Sports FC, with news leaking for pretty much every feature you can imagine.

Here's a breakdown of everything leaked so far by FUTZONE:

EA Sports FC New feature leaks
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RUMOURED CHANGES - FUTZONE has leaked some major new features for EA Sports FC

As you can see, the main headline features centre around dynamic packs and cross play coming to Pro Clubs.

Cross-play implementation for Pro Clubs has been wanted for some time and the arrival of this feature is set to please a wide range of players.

Something more controversial, however, is the confirmation that dynamic packs are coming to FC 24, with this feature rewarding those who spend money in the game.


We've been waiting for more official information regarding the upcoming football title being developed by EA Sports to come out and the first big news is here!

Ever since the split from FIFA was announced, we knew that EA would be developing its own game separately, with the brand being rolled out through hundreds of matches across the biggest leagues in the world.

FC will become EA Sports platform to create, innovate and grow new football experiences, connecting hundreds of millions of fans through console, mobile, online and esports products.

ea sports fc logo
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JOIN THE CLUB - The new logo for EA Sports FC has been revealed

Taking design inspiration from the humble triangle, it is a dominant shape in football culture that represents the sport in multiple dimensions, from passing techniques to set plays.

The shape has also been woven into the DNA of EA Sports football experiences for decades, through the 8-bit years up to the modern polygons of the modern day.

You can find more details at to learn about the future of the football franchise.

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FIFA 24 will be the next instalment of the football franchise, developed by FIFA itself.

The game that many of us know simply as FIFA has been created by EA Sports throughout the years, and is being rebranded after the split between the companies, as EA Sports FC.

FIFA 24 Alex Hunter
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MAJOR MOVES - Alex Hunter could return in FIFA 24

It will effectively carry on the progress from the previous 30 years of the franchise, but under a different name, so those that love the FIFA experience will now be looking towards EA Sports FC.

This does mean FIFA 24 and EA Sports FC will be competing for supremacy, which could see some brilliant new ideas and innovations brought into each title in order to draw the football gaming audience to their game.

FIFA 24 Developer

Fans of the footballing sim may be wondering who will actually be developing the new game.

Of course, FIFA 23 was developed by EA Sports, but that game marks the end of the relationship between the two companies.

FIFA is currently searching for a new developer following the end of its long-term deal with EA.

FIFA has not yet confirmed who will be developing the next title in their series FIFA 24.

As the name suggests, EA Sports FC will be made by EA Sports.

Release Date

With FIFA 24 not even in development as of yet, a release date for the new title has not yet been set.

As for EA Sports FC, no release date has been confirmed just yet, so we can only speculate on when the game will hit the shelves.

The last four FIFA editions were released on the following dates:

  • FIFA 20 - 24 September 2019
  • FIFA 21 - 9 October 2020
  • FIFA 22 - 27 September 2021
  • FIFA 23 - 27 September 2022

We expect EA Sports FC's release to follow a similar pattern and with those dates in mind, it will likely be released on Friday, 29 September 2023, in keeping with the FIFA titles that have gone before.

Cover Star

It's difficult to predict who will be on the cover of FIFA 24, with the developer not yet confirmed.

However, you can bet your bottom dollar that France international and Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe will be the cover star for EA Sports FC's first game.

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SUPERSTAR - Could Mbappe be the cover star yet again?

The 24-year-old has taken on the role of the face of the franchise and has been the cover star for the past two editions of FIFA.


We expect FIFA 24 to be made available on all major platforms.

As far as EA Sports FC goes, we can be pretty certain that the game will be released on all major platforms too.

This includes old-generation and new-generation consoles.

You can expect both FIFA 24 and EA Sports FC to be playable on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch

Ultimate Team

Despite plenty of concerns among the FIFA community, we now have confirmation that EA will be bringing their own version of Ultimate Team to EA Sports FC.

Perhaps we could finally see certain long-awaited features introduced to Ultimate Team that the userbase has been asking for for years.

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EVERY TIME - This man has been included in countless promotional events

First of all, we'd love to see more promo player variety. There has been far too much recycling of the same old cards within promos over the past few years and player upgrades are becoming too big, too soon.

The main idea behind this is to achieve a more steady power throughout the year.

We'd also like to see a new gameplay meta in EA Sports FC, with the community loving this year's title not being focused purely on pace.

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