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UFL is aiming to break into the football gaming sphere and become a genuine challenger to the likes of FIFA and eFootball.

The Strikerz Inc. title aims to set itself apart from FIFA by being free to play (like eFootball) but ensuring it is not pay-to-win without infamous loot boxes.

A lot of the game's success will hinge on its gameplay, and that's why we're taking a look at everything new that you need to know.

Check below for the latest on the status of UFL gameplay, including some brand new Alpha gameplay that was recently showcased.

LATEST - Alpha Gameplay Showcased

Brand new UFL gameplay has dropped, showcasing the game in all its glory.

The gameplay showcases near enough a full game of UFL, with stadia, commentary and player movements all coming along nicely.

Recently, we have received more and more news regarding UFL and this most recent update has been the biggest we've seen so far, with the game edging closer towards release.

The release of UFL gameplay has certainly got the football community talking as well, with many wondering what this will all mean for the future of football gaming.

Gameplay Reveal

UFL has revealed some brand new gameplay for the very first time, giving a behind-the-scenes look into all of the hard work that has been sunk into the game so far.

It wasn't just gameplay on display, with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo also being confirmed as a brand new ambassador for the game.

Release Date

There is still no official release date for UFL, but with the upcoming gameplay reveal we must be getting close to one being announced.

The developers still refer to it as "ongoing", with the only hint from the trailer being that it is "coming soon".

With the disastrous start to life that eFootball had, the game makers are taking their time to make sure it is as polished as possible before committing to a date.

CR7 Arrives

This came from nowhere! As part of the gameplay reveal, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was revealed as the fifth official ambassador of the game.

The Manchester United forward's move to UFL comes as a shock to many as his previous and current employers are both linked with Konami's eFootball.

ufl ambassadors
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FRONT LINE - UFL has pulled in some top quality stars

A brief cameo from the man himself in the gameplay reveal introduces the trailer, and we loved it.

We can't wait to see more from UFL, and to see more contribution from arguably their biggest ambassador.


Until we actually see some gameplay the only things we can draw from are the ideas that Strikez Inc. are building the game around.

The main aspect they are marketing the game around is being Free to Play/Fair to Play, with skill being prioritised over a pay-to-win dynamic that many have found within FIFA.

The pitch sounds like a combination of FIFA Ultimate Team and Football Manager, with Strikerz Inc. CEO Eugene Nashilov saying:

"you will manage your club, form a roster, develop tactics and compete with other gamers in seasons to prove your skills and climb to the very top of the league. Competitive, fair gaming is at the very core of UFL’s gameplay. In this competition, your victory depends solely on your gaming skills and the choices you make."

With the ambassador reveals, we have seen glimpses of in-game footage, such as this offering from Kevin De Bruyne:

One Twitter user created this lovely comparison clip, showing how true to life the in-game footage is, with another ambassador - Romelu Lukaku - taking a penalty.

Speculation around an offline Career Mode was quashed, with this Q&A response on Twitter:

Although a Career Mode seems unlikely, this does confirm that there will be "an offline mode that you can play with friends".

Strikerz Inc. has teamed up with FIFPRO, the same organization that EA use for FIFA, so will have licences for many players.

They also have a partnership with InStat, a leader in sports performance analysis, which can give updated statistics for each player.

Skill Moves Showcased

As time goes on, we're getting a better look at UFL's gameplay, with the developers recently taking to social media to share their processes.

Skill moves are the most recent element of the game to be showcased, with a focus on refining player movement through authentic animations.


UFL will release on "all major gaming consoles" according to the developers, which was further clarified in a Tweet that said:

With regards to the platforms, we're primarily focused on bringing UFL to @PlayStation and @Xbox but PC is also a platform that we're closely considering

Inclusion on the PC is a regularly occurring question, so if the launch proves successful the game will no doubt become available on it.

For now, it looks like the release will just be on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

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