Tekken 8: Heat System explained!

Tekken 8: Two players are fighting

Heat System is a new mechanic in Tekken 8 that can be called a replacement for Rage Drive from the previous iteration of the game. It works in an unusual and new way, and when activated, you become a lot stronger and more dangerous, so it will be really hot on the battlefield.

You will have the opportunity to use Heat only once per round, so it is important to understand how it works and how to act when it is active. Mastering the Heat feature will give you an advantage over opponents, and in some cases, it will be the difference between winning or losing.

So, in this article, we will explain in detail how the Heat System in Tekken 8 works.

How to activate Heat System in Tekken 8

Before we elaborate on the activation of this mechanic, it is worth mentioning one important detail, the Heat indicator. This is a blue bar located below your HP, and similar to the endurance mechanics in other games, it will tell you how much energy is left.

Tekken 8: Two players are fighting
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When the Heat System is activated, the colour of the bar changes to purple and will steadily decrease until it reaches zero.

So now that you are more aware of how it works, let's elaborate on the possibility of activating this mechanic. There are 2 methods, Heat Engager and Heat Burst, so let's see how each of them works.

Heat Engager

  • How to activate: Depending on the character, you need to perform a combination of attacks to hit a standing opponent.

This more technically challenging method requires you to have clear control over your opponent to perform the required combination of punches while they are on the ground.

When activated, your character rushes at the opponent, gaining a significant advantage in the frame. After activation, don't waste time, continue attacking and performing combos, as the Heat indicator automatically decreases until it reaches zero.

Heat Burst

  • How to activate: Simultaneously perform attacks such as Left Kick and Right Punch.

Here, you do not need to wait for the moment to activate Heat by hitting the opponent. Instead, pressing the 2 and 3 buttons together will activate the Heat System and allow you to mercilessly beat the enemy.

Just like in the previous case, you will gain the advantage in the frame and will be able to hurt your opponent even if he blocks your hits. After activation, you will have 10 seconds to perform the maximum number of attacks before the Heat bar runs out.

How to get the most out of Heat state in Tekken 8

Performing powerful combinations of punches is not all you can do while in the Heat state. Two additional options, Heat Smash and Heat Dash, will diversify the process of beating your opponent and give you a significant advantage.

Below, you can learn more details about them and their advantages:

  • Heat Smash: You can activate this attack by simultaneously pressing the buttons responsible for Left Kick and Right Punch. Depending on the character, it performs a powerful combo attack that will throw the enemy to the ground, but at the same time deplete the Heat bar to zero.
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  • Heat Dash: It can be activated if you use a dash in the direction of the player. This attack is similar to the one you perform when you activate Heat Engager, meaning you simply quickly rush at the enemy. Unlike Heat Engager, you can use this attack at any time, even if the enemy is in the air. As in the previous case, this technique will use all available Heat. It is recommended to continue the combo attack after using Heat Dash.

That's all, now you fully understand how this mechanic works, and you can get a significant advantage in combat against both NPCs or friends.

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