Splitgate Weekly Challenges 25th August - 1st September

Splitgate has become pretty great at bringing players back in every week. With new challenges, and now a brand new season, there's lots to pull you back in.

This week's challenges are a little tougher due to the arrival of the new season. Here's how to beat them.

Get 100 Kills

This isn't one you shouldn't worry about too much. You will eventually just unlock this from doing the other challenges.

That being said, modes like domination are a good way of racking up some kills.

Complete Foregone Destruction Race

This one is possibly the easiest challenge but can be hard to spot. Head over to the training tab and you will see a race option.

From here, just cycle through until you see a map called "Foregone Destruction". You don't need to do well at this map to beat the challenge, you merely have to finish it.

Get 30 Kills in Team Deathmatch

This challenge is probably a pretty decent one to start with. You can get some kills for the first challenge and maybe get some carbine ones for the next.

Team Deathmatch is one of the most popular modes in the game, meaning low wait times.

Get 50 Kills with the Carbine

There are a few ways you could go for this challenge but Team Deathmatch seems like the best one.

Not only do you use a Carbine but the mode's popularity means you will find a wide skill ceiling. If your enemies are a little worse, you can finish this challenge in two decent games.

Win 3 Matches of Contamination

Contamination is a new mode in Splitgate. Consisting of three rounds, players take turns being infected or survivors and trying to take out the other.

To access this mode, go into casual mode and then access team rumble to find Contamination.

Win a Match with the Highest Score

This is the hardest challenge to give tips for as it's very random. You don't know who your team will be and you can't guarantee how well you will play.

Take on a mode with a little amount of people like takedown or contamination to earn this.

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