NEW Crysis Game: Mysterious message, Twitter, Rumours, Release date and more

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Fans of First person shooters will undoubtedly be familiar with the incredibly successful Crysis games.

The games (not to give too much away) have the player take control of a super soldier as the Earth is under siege by an alien race.

The last entry of the Crysis games was Crysis 3 in 2013, however after the game was released things went relatively quiet.

Now, after over 4 years we've received a new message which we're hoping means only one thing...

The tweet

The account, which posted last in 2016, tweeted this mysterious message:

'Receiving data' could mean a whole lot of different things, but fans are speculating about the long awaited 4th instalment of the Crysis series.

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SYSTEMS BACK ONLINE: The tweet which has sent Crysis fans into meltdown

It seems likely that this will be the case, as this is on the official Crysis account, and with so many ready and willing to jump on the game come its release - it makes sense in more ways than one.

What made Crysis so special

The gameplay which made up the Crysis series was revolutionary for the time.

Players used a nano-suit, which had various abilities which could be upgraded and unlocked. Loosely speaking, the suit had two main functions - cloaking and armour.

Depending on the person's play style, they could use the abilities that suited them to the core.

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CLOAK & DAGGER: Choosing stealth as an option saw the player utilise a Predator style cloaking ability

A fan of taking out enemies one by one, silently placing C4 charges and traps - use the cloak to your advantage.

If you're approach is more terminator-esque, initiate the armour, literally rip a turret out of the ground and hammer your way through to your objective.

Or perhaps take the middle way, sneaking until you're spotted, throwing all your grenades and scrambling to get to the objective in one piece.

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All choices were accommodated to, and added up to a series of games with some serious replay-ability.

Can it run Crysis?

When Crysis was originally released on PC in 2007, the graphics were SO good that whatever PC you were playing it on had to be incredibly powerful.

So powerful in fact, that the saying (and hilarious meme) 'Can it run Crysis' became a huge part of gaming culture, as the game itself had become a benchmark for using only the latest technology of the time.

With PS5 and Xbox Series X on the way in holiday 2020, Crysis 4 would undoubtably utilise every inch of avilable power from both systems to produce one amazing looking game.

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STANDS THE TEST OF TIME: Screenshot from Crysis 3 release in 2016!

Release date

It's still early days in this story, so it's yet to be confirmed as to when a possible Crysis 4 game could release.

With the current state of affairs due to Covid-19, we've already seen numerous cancellations and postponements as a result, so it could be argued that any announcement should be released very carefully.

We'll keep you posted as this story develops further, so keep checking back in!

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