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Xbox Series X: Microsoft Executive had THIS to say about PS5, release date, specs, price and more

With all the amazing weather recently, you'd be forgiven if you weren't fixated on the Holiday season coming later in the year.

In fact, most of the focus has been on how to get through the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic - with the research showing that gaming has been the answer for many!

One of the most exciting events of the year is unquestionably the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and both Microsoft and Sony have been in a largely good spirited battle to convince us which will reign supreme.

However, in a recent interview one Microsoft Executive revealed more about his thoughts on the competition as well as some of the criticism the Xbox Series X has received so far.

Keep reading to see what he had to say...

Who is Bill Stillwell?

Bill Stillwell is part of the Microsoft Cognition Team (mixed reality). What this means is that this person is heavily focused on what can be achieved with AR and VR technology.

In other words...he really knows his stuff when it comes to the technical side of the Xbox Series X.

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EXECUTIVE OPINION: Bill Stillwell (left) shared some insight into Xcloud and how Microsoft are responding to current narratives

What did he say?

In the recent interview, Stillwell covered a lot of interesting topics and shared his thoughts on them all.

Speaking about Xcloud, Microsoft's entry into the world of cloud based gaming, he reassuringly said, 'it's in a great place'.

Good news, as other cloud-based streaming services, such as Google Stadia, got off to a rocky start upon release. Luckily Google Stadia just made joining much easier.

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DECEPTIVELY POWERFUL: While understated in design, it's inside the Xbox Series X which is set to impress

He went on to praise the company's move for coming together with the mission of making gaming 'accessible', reflecting on the fact that this was not the main focus in the gaming industry in the past.

However, his thoughts on the PS5 are gathering the most attention. When speaking with Dealer Gaming he went on to explain:

“I loved Sony’s talk, I think they’ve got some cool tech. I personally think we have a better console, we’re not worried about the power narrative.”


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Obviously, the man is somewhat biased but what's interesting here is the mention of the 'power narrative'.

This of course is referring to an ongoing commentary for the gaming community that Xbox Series X is more concerned about power than anything else.

The Xbox Series X specs do indeed match up this claim, but is this necessarily a bad thing? Stillwell seems to think not...

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Come the Holiday season this year, we're going to get a chance to decide for ourselves, and with the sudden reveal of PS5's DualSense controller we may well be inline for something from Microsoft very soon.

We'll be here to update you as soon as this happens.

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