PS5 Design: Everything we know so far - Revealed, Leak, Official, Reddit, Release date, Concept, Reveal Date and more

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Postponements, cancellations and other disappointments have been continuing to rattle people's expectations about some of their most anticipated games, not to mention consoles.

Anticipation surrounding Sony's upcoming powerhouse increased further, thanks to the first official look at PS5's DualSense controller.

First, we saw people reactions to the new design, which ranged from those who felt it was a step in the right direction, to those who felt it was...well a step in the Xbox direction.

Either way, frantic analysis of the design has ensued and importantly, talk has been generated as to what it means for the PS5 Design as a whole.

With that in mind - here's everything you need to know about the PS5 design.

Design Release Date

The PS5 release date has yet to receive a concrete time. However, people can rest assured as it was confirmed that the console would arrive in time for 'Holiday 2020'.

Anytime between October to December it is then. The current state of affairs with Covid 19 may have some impact on this, however that bridge will have to be crossed when it comes.

That being said, what we can hope for is an official first look at the design dropping before then, but we'll have to wait for now to find out exactly when that happens.

PS5 controller design evolution history ps1 dualshock to playstation 5 dualsense
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EVOLUTION: Over the years the PlayStation aesthetic has changed alongside the market

The DualSense controller design was suddenly dropped, however - so it could happen anytime in the near future.

People will also surely be hoping that the release doesn't go the way of Last of Us Part 2, which has now been indefinitely delayed until further notice (however this key voice actor hints at some news coming soon...)

PS5 Design Leaks

With no official first look at the design, a host of fan-made concepts have been hitting the web.

These are no run of the mill concepts either, the people who came up with these are oftentimes highly skilled and make a living out of design themselves.

PS5 Concept art
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PS5 Series X? Paul Robinson's take on what the PS5 could look like

This concept seems to have taken influence from a large portion of reactions, which compared the DualSense controller to the Xbox controller - be it bulkier than the DualShock 4.

Reactions citing a move away from the slim aesthetic of the PlayStation are reflected well in this cocept, which appears to have more in common with the Xbox Series X than anything else.

Regardless - it certainly looks great.

Ps5 Concept
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SLIM JIM: The design goes for a much more sharper feel...even for the DualSense

The next design goes in the complete other direction, refusing to acknoledge the bulkier frame of the DualSense to such an extent, that Guaffreman even redesigned the controller itself!

The slimmer look is a mild refresh on the existing PS4...but would Sony choose to play it this safe, considering their new controller design?

PS5 Concept 2
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BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: The concept seems to strike a balance between the two previous versions

Meeting in the middle, we're given our arguably best design so far. This particular design runs in parallel to the amount of change in the DualSense controller.

Featuring its own angled built in LED, to reflect the controller's design, and rounded corners to give the PS5 a more weighty, bulkier feel - this design would appear to be the most likely to be revealed.

PS5 black
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DARK MODE: This concept reads as anything from a Stealth Bomber jet, to an autonomous hoover

A look at an all black, apart from the awesome glowing LEDs, version of the PS5 looks great, if somewhat understated.

Again, we're questioning as to whether Sony would release something which would not push the boat out in terms of design.

Furthermore, this concept almost looks like it could be anything from a home speaker to the latest wireless hub. Is there something to be said about making consoles look like consoles?

With Xbox Series X being likened to a refrigerator...perhaps not?


PS5 Design Reveal

ps5 design 1
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IN THE DARK: Many are still speculating as to when the reveal will come

With the PS5 set to be coming in 'Holiday 2020' between October and December, we're not far off getting our first glimpse at the official PS5 design.

The other question at this time is 'how' the design will be revealed, in light of the global impact of COVID-19, along with 'when'.

No doubt we'll all be watching closely for Sony's next reveal...

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