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27 Apr 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Final April Update - Recommended Specs, Alpha Build Release, Bug Fixes & More

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Recommended Specifications

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Bug Fixes

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Alpha Build Available Now!

After another week of lockdown, it seems Microsoft has been able to continue improving and update the features and issues with the current state of their Flight Simulator.

This week we have more exciting news regarding the state of the Alpha build and a series of bug fixes.

We also have some new info regarding the recommended specifications for people planning to use the Sim on PC.

This gives people time to prep their system ahead of time to be ready for release.

Continue below to read the latest news regarding Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

Recommended Specifications

As seen in the image below, the Specification Requirements have
been released for the PC version of the game.

microsoft flight simulator Spec Requirements

OPTIMISATION - From the Spec requirements, it seems the new Flight Sim will be very well optimised!

This may seem like gibberish to some, but this gives us an in-depth look into the quality of the graphics that can be experienced, as well as the minimum specs for any PC that can run the Flight Sim.

The lowest spec requirements are very reasonable, with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 770 graphics card.

This means almost any gaming PC should be able to run Flight Sim at a low graphical setting.

At the top end, we see the RTX 2080 graphics card being utilised, this means we are likely to see the use of “Ray-Tracing” lighting, creating a realistic and immersive experience.

Bug Fixes

Alongside these Spec Requirements we’ve also received some
news on updated bug fixes, this involves fixes to missing airports and jetways
to FPS drops and spikes.

flight simulator bug fixes 1

A WHOLE NEW WORLD - Microsoft has aimed to create a seamless world unlike any other!

We can expect Microsoft to continue pushing out news regarding their development and improve their Simulator until and past release.

We also see more updates to the Software Development Kit (SDK), this allows out of house developers to add their own additions to the game.

Alpha Build Available Now!

Finally, the Alpha Build is now available.

flight simulaotr tailored experience 1

TEST, FIX, REPEAT - It will take a while for Microsoft to iron out the bugs, but stay put, as it will be for the best!

This build will allow people to gain access to the first edition of Flight Sim and give Microsoft feedback on their experience.

This Alpha release should give Microsoft many more hours of testing to fine-tune certain areas of the game and add features than players and fans find to be necessary additions.

We will be releasing more in-depth information on the Alpha very shortly, so be sure to check back in!