Microsoft Flight Simulator: Development Progress – Alpha Build, Delays, Software Development & more

Another week closer to full release, with a taste of hand-on gameplay appearing on the horizon.

by Oscar Dobbins
microsoft flight simulator update release date trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to release later this year, and it is expected to set the bar high in terms of ultra-realism.

Microsoft has had its fair share of practice dealing with flight simulators:

Flight Sim X and the Flight Simulator Series were met with high praise when they launched, so expectations are up there for the next instalment.

Microsoft has been releasing weekly updates to let fans know how the development is going, and this week is no different.

Continue below for all the details.


Alpha Build Update

The Alpha update will release at some point in late April or early May, meaning players may have access to an early build of the game.

flight sim update
THROUGH THE CLOUDS – Fly around the world in FLight Simulator!

This will be the build, meaning the simulator will contain the Airbus A320, one of the most popular planes in the world.

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This update will also contain build notes which will be posted on the Flight Simulator website, so everyone can stay up to date with all the changes to the game.

Software Development Kit Update

The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows external developers to write code for extra parts of the simulator.

flight sim sdk
NO LIMITS – Fly to your favourite spots in the world with no limits!

Currently, Microsoft has over 150 third-party companies using their SDK, adding to the already amazing world.

This week, Microsoft released their WebAssembly support, so these external companies can begin porting their native code onto Microsoft’s platform.

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This will improve the overall quality of the game and should speed up development exponentially.

Coronavirus Delays

Microsoft has again made no comment on how the Coronavirus is affecting their studio.

flight sim coronavirus delays
AHEAD OF THE REST – Microsoft’s next Flight Sim will be a step above the rest!

This doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting development but at this rate, no news is good news.

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We can still expect to hear from Microsoft regarding delays in the future, but for now, it seems they’re doing a good job at continuing.

Coronavirus is affecting industries around the world, and the gaming industry is no exception to this.

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Oscar Dobbins