Microsoft Flight Simulator: What to expect, release date, gameplay, graphics & more

Flight Simulator is expected to release later this year, featuring every airport in the world!

by Oscar Dobbins
microsoft flight simulator gameplay graphics

The next Flight Simulator to release comes from Microsoft, the creators of the previous Flight Sim X and the Flight Simulator Series.

And it’s safe to say that it’s looking absolutely superb from what we’ve seen from the Alpha testing.

Sadly, all the footage from that was quickly removed, but we got a decent look at the photorealistic graphics.

With this 2020 release, we can expect to see improvements to gameplay, graphics and realism by taking advantage of today’s technology and hardware.

With over 15 years without a release of Flight Simulator, fans are excited to get their hands on the remake with new features!

However, there is concern regarding the necessary hardware needed to run the game.

Read below to find out more regarding what to expect with Microsoft’s upcoming 2020 release of Flight Simulator.

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With its improved physics engine. The game will feel much more realistic.

You will still be able to use compatible joystick controls making the game incredibly realistic.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Image
TRAVEL THE WORLD – Fly across a real-time globe in a plane of your choice!

Whether the game will involve haptic responses to elevation changes and turbulence, we still don’t know, and we’ll have to wait for more information regarding this, or even for a full release of the game

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Ultimately, the game tries to immerse the player in the best way possible with realistic scenarios and high-fidelity graphics.


Microsoft hasn’t released any minimum or maximum spec requirements for Flight Simulator, however, from what we’ve seen, it does look like the graphics are rather in-depth.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Image ultra realism
ULTRA REALISM – Become engrossed in Flight Simulator’s ultra-realistic world!

We do know there will be moving traffic and individually rendered leaves, meaning a lot of RAM will be needed to store/run each of these entities.

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This is likely to split their player base, so the ability to lower graphical settings will most likely be included to allow less advanced systems to run the game.

Ray Tracing is a way of realistically rendering light and reflections. From the trailers, we can see that ray tracing is likely to be utilised in Flight Simulator.


With a new game engine, the realism factor is likely to be increased exponentially. This is what fans are most excited for!

flight simulator microsoft release date
COMPREHENSIVE – Every single airport in the world will feature in the Flight Simulator

With more realistic lighting, weather and turbulence, we can expect to get the most realistic flight simulator to date.

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With the increased realism, we will need to fight against more difficult environments with lens flairs and storms making flying incredibly difficult.

Release Date

The game has been announced for a 2020 release. However, we do know that Flight Simulator will be released on both Window’s PC and the Xbox One console.

microsoft flight simulator city cockpit
THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER – You can go anywhere in the world

There is also no information regarding a Next-Gen console release, however, if the game releases in the second half of 2020, there is a possibility of an Xbox Series X release.

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If you want to play the game earlier, you can sign up for the ‘Insider programme’, which effectively makes you a beta tester for the game.

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