How to level up in No More Heroes 3 - using WESN

No More Heroes 3 has just launched worldwide and we thought it was a fascinating romp through 2010's game design - Suda 51 at his peak.

Needless to say, plenty of people will be filling into the game over the next month but, if you don't remember the first two games, you may be a little lost when it comes to leveling up. Here's how to do so and how to unlock WESN for yourself.

Earning World Ending Super Nova

WESN, or World Ending Super Nova, is the main form of currency used to level up Travis. You can unlock this in a multitude of ways so, if you aren't struggling too bad with combat, just play the game normally and you should get enough to level up

If you are struggling, you can do the same missions to grind out WESN or do WESN specific missions to get them at a better rate. One mission has you head into mines to get some for yourself, you can earn a pretty decent rate this way.

How to Level Up

If you aren't too familiar with the series, this may evade you as the game doesn't go out of its way to teach you. There are two central ways to level up. The first is by entering "Burger Suplex", outside of Travis' apartment and going down the pole.

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This will lead you to the laboratory, where you can interact with the arcade machine and spend your WESN to level up your stats. Alternatively, you can access the laboratory from Travis' apartment, by taking the pole downwards.

If you plan out your stats well, you likely won't need to grind too much but there are so many activities to take part in, you might as well get them all finished.

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