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No More Heroes 3 Release Countdown

It has been over ten years since the release of the last mainline No More Heroes game. This leaves tonnes of hype and even more questions in the air.

Luckily, you only have a little time to wait to answer every one of those. Here's when you can play it and what you should know before going in.

No More Heroes 3 Announcement

No More Heroes 3 was officially announced for Nintendo Switch way back at E3 2019 and scheduled for a release date in 2020.

This was likely delayed due to the pandemic, pushing it back a whole year.

We've received a handful of trailers since then, including tonnes of teases at the story and gameplay. You can check them out for yourself now

Release Date

No More Heroes 3 officially releases on August 27th, just one day from now.

This means it has been over 11 years since the last main entry in the No More Heroes franchise, a huge gap between the second one.

Players did receive Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, 2 years ago though.


No More Heroes 3 is only planned to release on Nintendo Switch as of right now. Realistically, we won't see a port to other consoles but we could see a rerelease on whatever Nintendo have planned next.

It seems this will be your only way of playing right now.

Download Size

The size of No More Heroes 3 will be 6.9GB on launch, something that feels intentional coming from Suda 51.

Suda could never pass up the chance for a joke like this.

Release Time

We don't have an official time just yet but the Nintendo Support Page is always pretty good when it comes to release time.

In this, it says that new games tend to release at 9 am PT / 5 pm BST on the day of release. It could release a little before or after that but this is a pretty good guess. To avoid any disappointment, get there after these times for a guarantee of playing the game for yourself.

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