Hellblade 2 PC: Will computer gamers be able to play Senua's Saga? Trailer, Plot, Release date, Characters & more

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Amongst the games revealed at the recent Game Awards Show was the sequel to a dark, psychological adventure game inspired by Norse mythology.

No, it's not God of War.

We’re actually talking about Hellblade II, where the story of the troubled protagonist Senua is continued.

The original Hellblade (Senua’s Sacrifice) was a visual masterclass and ranked in our best PS4 games of the last decade.

But with the second instalment being confirmed for an Xbox release, will Ninja Theory's game be coming to PC? Keep reading to find out.

Self-described as an “independent AAA game”, the original Hellblade was designed by quite a small team, only for the PlayStation 4.

Its success at launch in 2017, and its unique playstyle and story progression ensured that the original Hellblade picked up five BAFTAs in 2018!

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AWARD WINNING: The original Hellblade was awarded five BAFTAs!

However, in a turn of events, Hellblade 2 has already been confirmed as an Xbox Series X exclusive!

Unfortunately, that means the game will NOT be coming to PC.

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This is obviously quite the blow for PC gamers, but if you’re an Xbox person then read on as we tell you a little more about what you’ve got to look forward to!

Release date

Senua’s Saga was surprisingly announced at the Game Awards 2019 with a heart-pumping reveal trailer. 

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Senua confronts her demons in the original adventure

The announcement told us that Hellblade 2 is coming to Microsoft’s next-gen console as well as PC, but fell short of a release date. 

However, knowing that Xbox Series X isn’t releasing until late 2020 (sometime between October and December) tells us that Hellblade 2 won’t be about until after that date. 

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It’s one of the first confirmed Xbox Series X games (along with Halo: Infinite) but Microsoft didn’t refer to it as a launch title, suggesting that it could launch a few months after the new Xbox.

By our calculations, this puts Hellblade 2’s release date in the ‘early 2021’ time period.


The sequel was revealed with a hard-hitting trailer that didn’t give much away in terms of plot or gameplay. 

If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out, but be warned – it’s pretty distressing.

The trailer confirms that the sequel will take an even darker turn than its predecessor.

Apparently, it was made entirely in-engine on the Xbox Series X, which could explain the stunning graphics on display.

To find out more about Ninja Theory’s upcoming game, head to our absolutely everything piece where we outline the game’s plot and more.

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