Genshin Impact Fatui Insignia: Locations, farming guide, best uses

Fatui in Genshin Impact

Fatui in Genshin Impact

The open-world action RPG Genshin Impact has a very extensive story involving a plethora of enemies who are members of different factions or organisations. Each faction has certain historical elements that determine the location and loot of its members. One of these factions is the Fatui of Snezhnaya and in this article, you will learn their locations, as well as find a farming guide and best uses for Insignia, an item that drops from Fatui in Genshin Impact.

Below, we will share with you information about the origin of Fatui and the places with the largest number of them. You'll also learn which characters and weapons you can ascend using Insignias.

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Who are Fatui in Genshin Impact?

Fatui in Genshin Impact
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The Fatui come from the Zapolyarny Palace of Snezhnaya and are one of the main antagonists in Genshin Impact. They have advanced diplomacy and are famous for being insidious.

They are one of the most common enemies that you will encounter in almost every corner of Teyvat. These enemies drop Insignias that are used for ascending weapons and characters, so it will be useful for you to farm them. But before you go to the places where Fatui members can be found, take into account that their respawn occurs 11 hours after you beat them.

Fatui insignia locations and farming guide

Genshin Impact Fatui Locations
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Almost all Fatui can be found in Teyvat, but they are also in The Chasm: Main Mining Area, though not many of them spawn there. There are places in Teyvat where Fatui are especially abundant, so we have prepared a list of them so that you can create a path that will be the most efficient for farming Insignias. Here are the places with the largest concentration of Fatui:

  • Dragonspine
  • Wadi Al-Majuj
  • Vanarana
  • Galesong Hill
  • Dunyu Ruins
  • Pardis Dhyai
  • Hypostyle Desert
  • The Chasm
  • Cuijue Slope

We have to highlight the Hypostyle Desert location and the place between Galesong Hill and Dragonspine. There are more than a dozen enemy spawns there, so you should definitely include these locations in your farming route. If you visit the islands, you can also find a lot of Fatui there. But you will not be able to farm on Tsurumi Island as it is the only island without members of this faction.

Fatui Insignia best uses

A group of Fatui agents in Genshin Impact
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Credit: HoYoverse

A distinctive feature of Fatui is that after defeating them, they drop three different items: Recruit's Insignia, Sergeant's Insignia, and Lieutenant's Insignia. When farming them, pay attention to the fact that Mirror Maiden is the only Fatui representative who does not drop these items. Also, whether you get them at all depends on enemies level:

  • Recruit's Insignia - Drops at any level
  • Sergeant's Insignia - Drops starting at level 40
  • Lieutenant's Insignia - Drops starting at level 60

Insignia is the material needed to level up 15 weapons and 6 characters and you will see them all in our list below. Up to level 50 you will need Recruit's Insignia for ascension, up to level 70 you can use Sergeant's Insignia, and up to level 90 you will need Lieutenant's Insignia. Also, characters from the list below use Insignia for Talent levelling:

Character ascension

  • Diluc, 5-star Pyro Claymore
  • Tartaglia, 5-star Hydro Bow
  • Yelan, 5-star Hydro Bow
  • Ningguang, 5-star Geo Catalyst
  • Rosaria, 4-star Cryo Polearm
  • Mika, 4-star Cryo Polearm

Weapon ascension

  • Elegy for the End
  • Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  • Blackcliff Pole
  • Blackcliff Slasher
  • Compound Bow
  • Dragonspine Spear
  • Favonius Greatsword
  • Festering Desire
  • Moonpiercer
  • Prototype Rancour
  • Royal Grimoire
  • Royal Spear
  • Skyrider Sword
  • Twin Nephrite
  • White Tassel

Over time, you may not need Recruit's Insignia or Sergeant's Insignia, but they will continue to drop. Fortunately, they can be converted to higher rarity Insignia and it will be easier for you to level up weapons and characters at high levels. But there are no more recipes in the game that you can use this material for.

Sergeant's Insignia

  • Recruit's Insignia ×3
  • Mora ×25

Lieutenant's Insignia

  • Sergeant's Insignia ×3
  • Mora ×50

Fatui is one of the most numerous factions in Genshin Impact, so it's not hard to find its members. But Insignia is used to ascend many characters and weapons, so you still have to farm a lot, especially for ascension at high levels. We hope that our guide will help you maximise your route for farming and save you a lot of time.

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