How to get Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact

Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact

Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact

Having an arsenal of weapons will help you work out an effective strategy for any potential combat situation, and getting the Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact is always useful. This bow is an interesting option for characters that rely on Elemental Mastery and elemental reactions.

So, let’s find out how to get this weapon, how it works, and which characters can utilize it effectively.

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How to get Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact

Ibis Piercer is a special event weapon that you can get for free. To obtain it, you will need to participate in “Duel! The Summoner's Summit”. This event requires you to complete various tasks to earn event coupons. If you collect x1,000 Invokation Coupons, you will be able to get your Ibis Piercer.

“Duel! The Summoner's Summit” event in Genshin Impact
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Also, this event has a shop where you can buy items called Congealed Pupa Wax. These are Refinement Materials for Ibis Piercer and you should get all of them if you want to max out this weapon. Each of them costs x600 Invokation Coupons, and you will need x2,400 in total.

What is Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact

Ibis Piercer is a 4-star bow that has good ATK and an ATK% stat bonus. Also, this weapon has a cool passive ability that increases the Elemental Mastery of the wielder every time you hit an opponent with your charged attack. This feature stacks up to two times.

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Best characters for Ibis Piercer in Genshin Impact

So, as you can see, this bow works perfectly with characters that rely on charged attacks and Elemental Mastery. Its wielder should be the core hero who spends most of the time on the field.

Ganyu in Genshin Impact
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As a first option, we suggest Ganyu. She deals most of her damage with charged attacks and relies heavily on elemental reactions. Also, you can choose Tartaglia, another bow user who likes to spam charged attacks. He is a particularly good candidate due to his high Hydro damage which benefits from Elemental Mastery.

Tighnari is another good option. He is able to deal massive damage if you pair him with Electro characters. Finally, if you don’t have any of these characters but want to use this bow, you can give it to Amber. She is absolutely free and can benefit from all stats of this weapon.

Ibis Piercer isn’t the best bow in this game, but it’s definitely worth your time. After all, Genshin Impact receives lots of content updates with new characters and you can always find a user for this weapon.

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