Escape From Tarkov: Xbox One and PS4? Release date, gameplay, news & more

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Escape From Tarkov has been the breakout game of 2020 thus far - the survival-based battle royale has seen record sales since the New Year along with increased popularity.

Although the game is still in beta, fans have begun the conversation about when it will release on consoles.

As of now, it is a PC exclusive game and at times it experienced hitches even with top tier hardware.

However, fans are hopeful for a future release on Xbox and PS4, so let's check out when that will be!

Xbox One and PS4?

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IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: EFT can only be played in first-person mode!

As of right now, there are no plans to release Escape From Tarkov on consoles anytime soon.

Developers BattleState Games have seemed to focus solely on the PC version of the game at the time, as with the ever-growing popularity they are going to need to brush out all bugs and glitches.

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Although, there seems to be a glimmer of hope for console users!

Back in 2015 when Escape From Tarkov was initially being developed, BattleState Games held an FAQ.

During this question period, they stated their stance on the game being ported over to consoles, noting:

"We are considering it, but it’s too early to talk about that."

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It has now been five years and it appears that EFT is finally picking up the steam they initially wanted.

Now might be the perfect time to get the console versions up and running - fingers crossed.

Since the turn of the New Year, EFT has seen a drastic rise in popularity - it is now one of the most heavily streamed games across all platforms and looks to continue these ways.

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VIRAL VIDEO: Ben "Dr.Lupo" Lupo has been streaming EFT for quite some time now!

However, for a game that has been out for nearly four years why has it experienced such a sudden rise?

The public has identified two primary reasons for EFT's sudden spike in popularity.

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One of them was the decision to enable "drops" for Twitch streamers, meaning if you own EFT you can get free items just by watching your favourite streamer.

The second reason has to be the current state of Fortnite - with no content/updates really catching anyone's eyes since Winterfest, streamers, professional players and casuals have begun to feel bored of the game.

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Almost every Fortnite streamer, such as TimTheTatman, Tfue, 72Hrs, Chap and Cloazky, has heavily streamed EFT this month.

Whether or not EFT can consistently come close to Fortnite for more than a month is unknown as of now. But we will wait and see!

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