eSports Boxing Club release date still unknown

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eSports Boxing Club is still a ways away, but fans are already looking ahead to the potential ESBC release date.

Although we don't have a release date yet, we do have nine additional boxers on their way to the game.

With plenty of excitement building about the first major boxing game in years, here's everything we know about the ESBC release date.

UPDATED - More boxers on the way to ESBC

We're getting more information and reveals regarding the upcoming boxing game, eSports Boxing Club. The most recent is the addition of 9 new boxers making their way into the ring.

So far the roster already has over 100 boxers and it doesn't look like there will be a definite number that ESBC will stop at. We've got some more classic boxers on the way this time though!

Ricardo Mayorga's image for eSports Boxing Club
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EL MATADOR: The heavy hitting Ricardo Mayorga is on his way to the ring!

Along with Ricardo Mayorga we've got a couple of other big names such as Fernando Vargas coming to ESBC as well.

For the full reveal of all the newest boxers, head here!

ESBC Release Date

As of now, the estimated window for the ESBC release date is late 2021, but that's far from set in stone.

Originally, developers planned to have eSports Boxing Club out for Early Access as soon as this summer, but recent delays have pushed that back.

ESBC release date eSports Boxing Club
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KNOCKOUT: It looks like ESBC might be the most powerful boxing games ever

They explicitly stated in the last development update that while they're not announcing a launch window, the "next announcement on this topic will be a specific release date."

The official ESBC website has one clue in their FAQ section, stating that their "aim is to launch within the coming months" and reaffirming that the initial launch will be via Early Access on Steam.

Early Access on Steam

While the game will eventually launch on multiple platforms, which we cover in more detail below, things are still expected to kickoff with Early Access on Steam.

Considering the potential scale of the title, as well as the size of the development team at Steel City Interactive that's working on it, it makes sense that they'd want to carefully test the waters with Early Access.

ESBC release date eSports Boxing Club
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FIRST LOOK: PC players will likely get the first crack at ESBC

This should allow developers to identify bugs and issues with the game that can be remedied prior to a full launch on all platforms, especially when taking into account the massive roster expected for the game.


While Early Access will get things rolling on PC, there are plans to bring eSports Boxing Club to consoles.

As of now, it's expected that ESBC will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5, in addition to the PC release.

We don't yet know if crossplay functionality will be available at launch or expected to arrive after, but it's a definite possibility.

Launch delayed indefinitely, new gameplay footage revealed

The latest update on eSports Boxing Club came with exciting footage and disappointing news, but it should still all be good in the long run.

You can view the full gameplay walkthrough and developer update below, which largely goes over the controls and plans for various game modes.

The video also reveals that the ESBC release date has been indefinitely delayed, but it's for good reasons as they've gotten additional investment and partnered with co-developer Ten24 Digital Capture.

Ten24 have worked on major titles such as Baldur's Gate 3, Death Stranding, Halo 4, Alien Isolation, and more, as well as working on movies like Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The developers explained that they'll be able to target new features, but they're committed to doing things the right way and doing the legacy of the fighters justice, and as such refuse to rush the ESBC release date.

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