eSports Boxing Club could be the greatest boxing game ever

Young, old, or somewhere in-between, we all love the sport of Boxing. For a long time, we've been without a real premier boxing game, over ten years to be exact.

Great news though! We'll have one soon and it might be the best ever, eSports Boxing Club promises a huge roster and incredible gameplay.

So, why do we think this will be the best boxing game ever? Let's take a look at what to expect when eSports Boxing Club is released.

A blockbuster roster

Steel City Interactive haven't even released the game yet and already have the largest roster of any boxing game in eSports Boxing Club.

It's not no-names either, we're talking heavy hitters that we haven't played as in years! Some of these boxers have never been included in a boxing game, but the moment is coming.

Here's a look at some of the marquee names you'll be able to fight as:

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Joe Frazier
  • Rocky Marciano
  • Canelo Alvarez

Head here for a more in-depth look at the roster and a recently added boxer!

A studio dedicated to the details

Steel City Interactive isn't skipping out on any details when creating the first licensed boxing game in ten years. You might wonder why, they could easily just profit off the game itself instead of perfecting it...right?

Wrong, because they know it'd be easy to collect on the short term success but they want this game to be legendary.

Seeing a team so dedicated to fine-tuning these details make it much more exciting in the long run. Sure, we'll have to wait a little while for the game to be released, but in the end it'll be worth the wait.

Where other boxing games fell short

Considering there have been ten years between now and our last premier boxing game, plenty wonder why we've had to wait.

Now, to be fair, times have changed, but one of the biggest problems was licensing. And eSports Boxing Club has gone the extra steps to license some of the best from all eras.

This along with platform restrictions limited the scope boxing games have had for some time, but this trend could soon be broken.

A commitment to evolution

Another area where other games fell short was by not updating their rosters.

eSports Boxing Club will increase it's roster every season, adding rising stars and former legends alike to keep things fresh. Take a look at how intrinsic this game is with boxing icon Lawerence Okolie:

They are actively capturing move sets and bringing them into the game. Not only will you be able to box with guys like Okolie, but you'll also punch exactly as he does.

This game is going to BREAK RECORDS! Not just because it's the first in ten years, but because it has all the potential to be the best boxing game in history!

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