Elden Ring: How to Lock On to Enemies

Much like in all other From Software games, combat in Elden Ring is challenging. It won't be for everyone, and a lot of players will struggle with basic enemies as much as bosses. Therefore, anything to make it a little easier will be vital, so you'll want to know how to lock on to enemies in Elden Ring. The game doesn't really teach you it, so we'll do so.

How to Lock On to Enemies in Elden Ring

Thankfully, locking onto enemies in Elden Ring is nice and easy. All you need to do is press R3 when looking at the enemy you want to attack.

Then, once you defeat them and you're faced with multiple at a time, you will need to press R3 again to lock onto the next.

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When you're locked on, the health bar will show above the enemy's head and a glowing dot will show you're locked onto them.

You'll want to lock on to every enemy you fight because it makes your attacks far more accurate. Since landing as many blows as you can is important, so that you're not dodging or taking attacks yourself, you'll want to lock on to maximise your chances.

Bosses in Elden Ring

Locking on is also important when facing each of Elden Ring's bosses. We're yet to face them all ourselves, but there are apparently 30 bosses to face in total.

The game isn't as linear as the likes of Bloodborne of Dark Souls either, with the usual mechanics being placed into an open world for Elden Ring.

Therefore, you'll be doing a lot more exploring when trying to get stronger and face the bosses. It might take you a while to learn all of the secrets and best tactics, but that's part of the appeal.

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