Doom Eternal: Lead programmer coins it “The best game we have ever made”

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Doom Eternal is the sequel to 2016’s Doom, and the upcoming release is set to be even sharper, more chaotic and gore-filled than ever before.

The release was recently pushed back to March, but judging from the new trailer, it’s going to be worth the wait.

With a larger backdrop to the blood-fuelled action and new online multiplayer modes confirmed for the game, there’s plenty to get excited about. 

Check out the trailer and what the lead programmer had to say about the game.

New trailer

Id Software has released a new Doom Eternal trailer, and the game’s lead programmer Billy Khan proclaims that the shooter is “the best game we have ever made.”

The delay was clearly well implemented, as Id Software is putting out a product set to live up to the community’s high standards.

After being contained on Mars in the last game, the new
trailer starts by showing that Hell has arrived on Earth in 2151. As the planet
burns the Doom Slayer prepares to dive into the fight.

Showcasing new movement mechanics, a fresh set of enemies, and the ubiquitous gore & metal soundtrack it is precisely the adrenaline-pumping tease that fans wanted to see.

There are plenty of familiar foes for those that played Doom 2016, but several have also received upgrades. Meanwhile some new, vicious, enemies await.

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A giant horned demon, bearing what looks like pieces of Doom
Slayer armour on him, exits a portal with a huge two-headed axe. Biomechanical
demons race across the level to attack. And there are fleeting images of what
will clearly be tough bosses.

There will be plenty more new demons to take on and glory
kill throughout Doom Eternal, you can be sure of that.

Writing on Twitter ahead of the new trailer’s release, Khan said:

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Working around a game for a long time is usually enough to put someone off, so this comment goes a long way.

Alongside the delay, Id announced a new mode called Invasion.

Invasion will allow players to enter another player’s game as a playable demon, and it will be put out as a free update shortly after release.

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When you kill a demon, they have the chance to respawn after a certain amount of time - if you don't kill the other within that time limit.

Between rounds, players will also be able to upgrade their demons and to make things a bit more difficult.

It also confirmed that Doom 64 will be available for Xbox OnePS4 and PC in addition to Switch

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