Minecraft: Where to find Dripstone Caves & how to use them

Minecraft 1.18 has just arrived and with that comes new biomes, a restructuring of the way caves work and so much more. One of the most interesting new additions are Dripstone Caves. Here's how to find Dripstone Caves in Minecraft and the best way to use them.

How to find Minecraft Dripstone Caves

Unfortunately, unlike Lush Caves, Dripstone Caves don't have any outside indicators to show you what's going on. You will just have to find them for yourself in caves. Luckily, there are a few ways to get to them quicker.

If you're looking to find Dripstone Caves, look for caves that lead from the surface of your world. They are very common so you can come across them very easily if you just go searching for them.

Strip mining is perhaps the worst way to find these caves as they generate in specific areas. Just play the game like you normally would and they will pop up.

What can you use Dripstone for?

Firstly, they have an aesthetic appeal with certain environments. If you want your house to seem more naturally occurring or you're building in the cave, you can throw some of these in there.

Fortunately, there's a much better way of using dripstone in Minecraft. If you place a source of water or lava above a stalactite, it can run through it, essentially creating an infinite supply.

Put this above a cauldron and you will never need to go hunting for water or lava again. The important thing about this is that if you have dripstone above and let it drip below, you can slowly build more out to make your own dripstone cave. It may take a little while though.

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