How to Download Minecraft 1.18 Update

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Minecraft is about to get so much bigger with the release of 1.18. Here's how to download the latest update for yourself.

Minecraft 1.18 Release Date and Time

Minecraft 1.18, otherwise known as Caves and Cliffs part two, finally launches Tuesday, November 30th.


This comes after months of teases and small updates.

We don't know the exact time it will come out just yet but we can make a guess based on when Caves and Cliffs part one released.

It came out around 10 am PST / 6 pm GMT so we're anticipating a similar release. There's always a chance we could see issues with it going live so give it an extra hour if it needs it.


How to Download Minecraft 1.18

This process should happen automatically as the update goes live, regardless of your platform. This being said, you can always manually install if you need to.

On Xbox and PlayStation, you should be able to go into your games library to check for updates. On Nintendo Switch, you can hover over it, press start and search for any new updates.

On PC, you can just boot up the game and it should start to install. If this doesn't work for any reason, you could try a fresh install by deleting and downloading the game again. Make sure to back up your saves before doing so.


How to play Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part two early

Although it may not be worth doing with the release just around the corner, you can get the latest release candidate right now.

If you have Minecraft Java, you can access it right now. Make sure to back up all your saves to avoid losing your old worlds in the process.