Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds!: Lava falls, Survival Island, Archway Mountains and More!

Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world, this is due to its addictive features and rewarding gameplay!

Luckily, you don't need a high-end PC or console to play, as Mojang has made a great Mobile version of the game!

On the Pocket Edition version, you can still enter Seeds to choose the kind of world you play in, this gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to difficulty and exploration.

Here, we'll cover the best Seeds to use on the Pocket Edition and how they can change the way you experience Minecraft!

Lava Falls


minecraft seasons
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SEASONS GREETINGS - You can now play in certain environments with changing atmosphere and seasons!

This Seed has some great sightseeing areas with its spectacular landscapes!

Here, you'll find multiple lava and waterfalls making an interesting landscape, allowing for some cool architectural design and creativity.

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In some areas, you'll find these lava/waterfalls next to each other, making for an easy source of obsidian for Nether portals!

Overall, this Seed definitely takes a 'Form over Function' dynamic to create some cool environments, that aren't particularly helpful until the more 'endgame' content.

Survival Island


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NON-STOP CREATIVITY - Use your own creativity to build some amazing structures!

This is a great option if you're looking to play the 'Survival Island' game mode on Pocket Edition. This is currently not available on Mobile, but this is a great alternative.

This Seed features a small island with a tree in the middle. This is enough resources to get yourself off the ground.

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Below the island, there is a host of cave systems making gathering resources very simple and easy.

With the resources from the caves and the tree, you can grow and expand your island into your own little empire!

Archway Mountains


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SIGHTSEEING - Travel around the world to see some amazing scenery. Make sure you take a compass and a map!

The archway Mountains are on the coast closest to the spawn and create a coastline unlike any other.

These archways give an amazing opportunity for you to build structures in between each one and link together the archipelago structure.

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If you take advantage of this natural structure, you'll be able to build an awesome cliffside house. You will need to build a large ladder down to the water if you want to travel, but other than that, this location is 10/10!

Ocean Town

Seed: ACE

minecraft dungeons bosses
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DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS - Play Mojangs new Minecraft game for an entirely new experience!

This ocean town is a simple glitch in the construction of the world, and how the world is generated using the seed.

This ocean town can be found close to the spawn and can have lots and lots of loot.

You may want to consider building near here, both for the interesting look as well as the incredible loot and easy access to trading with villagers.

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You can also try out some other random seeds for a challenge. This can create some wild and wonderful worlds on Minecraft!

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