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Minecraft Dungeons: How to get Best Gear - Weapons, Armour, Enchantments, Pre-Load for PC & More

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Inspired by Diablo III’s take on loot-driven dungeon crawling, Minecraft Dungeons is set to pack a huge variety of unique weaponry and armour to discover.

And besides enchanting your weapons and armour, the best way to secure good equipment is by levelling up.

On top of the loot and gear, there are also plenty of monsters to slay in the game.

Below, we take you through the best methods to find top-tier loot in Dungeons, so continue for all of the details!

How to get Best Gear

In Mojang’s upcoming hack-and-slash spinoff, you will be able to fight mobs, grind for loot, and enchant all your gear with special abilities.

dungeons tips beginners
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EXPLORATION: The interactive world will be bigger than ever!

But what isn't very clear is how to find the best gear in the game, including unique armour and weapons.

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Generally, exploring all corners of the epic open-world will give players the best opportunity to find loot and pick up new gear.

You accumulate experience and enchantment points over time, which in turn can be used to upgrade and enchant your gear.

Best Weapons

Every enemy you slay gets you some experience points, with the amount depending on the strength or difficulty of the enemy.

diamond sword mcdungeons
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EXTRA DAMAGE: The sword relies heavily on securing strong enchantments for it, with ‘available options’ that re-shape its role in the game

A few run-ins with the brutal pillagers can fill up the level progression indicator early on and helps you unlock high-tier weapons.

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Our Best Weapons Guide for Minecraft Dungeons lists all of the best axes, swords and bows that you will be able to unlock and enchant on your journey.

Best Armour

Every so often you’ll be cornered and ambushed by a bunch of enemies, and you’ll have to stand your ground against waves of opposition forces.

wolf armour minecraft
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SUPPORT THE TEAM: This option is stacked with weapon enchants and abilities that spread bonuses to your friends

Surviving these ambushes will guarantee a bunch of experience points from the enemies you killed, and puts you in good stead for unlocking new armour.

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Different armour and mail will provide varying levels of protection, such as the Wolf Armour, which is oriented around support-style play.

Pre-Load for PC

Minecraft Dungeons’ release date is fast approaching, and this has been reflected by a significant change on the game’s Microsoft Store page.

minecraft dung
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BETTER TOGETHER: Minecraft Dungeons is set to include both local and online co-op

PC players are finally able to pre-load Minecraft Dungeons, which is scheduled to launch on 26 May on multiple platforms!

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The download will allegedly take up 2.71GB of space, so head over to the article to find out how to pre-load the title.

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