Minecraft Dungeons: How to build a Warrior class - Weapons, enchantments, artifacts, official release & more

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Minecraft Dungeons is here as an entirely new face for Mojang's industry-defining title Minecraft.

Mojang has moved on from the building and mining though, at least for this dungeon crawler style new game.

No game in the dungeon crawler genre is complete without a warrior on the frontlines.

Let's go over the best options you have to build a warrior class character in Minecraft Dungeons.


Minecraft Dungeons officially released on 26 June to huge numbers across PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and more.

On top of release, there have also been leaks potentially covering future DLC options for Minecraft Dungeons.

Now that the game is out, it's time to explore the different ways to play the most iconic fantasy class, the warrior.

Building a warrior

There are all kinds of warrior archetypes in all of the great adventure games and stories. Whether you're looking to wear the heaviest, toughest armor and take to the frontlines or wield the greatest of weapons to wreak havoc on foes, Minecraft Dungeons has something for you.

With no defined classes, the game lets players build their own archetypes with items, equipment, and enchanments.

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Warriors usually split between two roles, tanks and damage dealers. While even the most damage-focused warriors are usually able to take a good punch, warriors can focus more on either role.

So let's go over the different ways to build a warrior class character in Minecraft Dungeons.


Tanks are focused on holding down the front line and taking as much damage as possible for their team. This means defending more vulnerable characters like mages or rangers so they are free to deal massive damage.

In Minecraft Dungeon's this manifests as getting the best armor you can, and a weapon that will assist you in the face of the enemies.

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One of the best armor sets a tank can have in Minecraft Dungeons is the Champion's Armor, which gives you a lot of health, damage reduction, the chance to revive on death, and makes nearby mobs prefer targeting you over your teammates.

Combine this armor with a weapon like the Frost Scythe which allows you to slow mobs so they have a harder time getting to your teammates. This also allows you to kite larger mobs by running away from them in-between slows.


Damage-dealing warriors have a variety of different build paths, but they all come together to destroy enemy mobs as fast as possible.


There are a variety of weapons that can benefit damage-dealing warriors, so you've got plenty of choices as to how you want to bring the pain.

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One of the best weapons for damage-heavy warriors are the Hammer of Gravity which pulls enemies together. This weapon deals excellent splash damage, so taking out large groups of mobs is no problem.

Another is the Claymore, which, while simple, deals massive damage to single targets at the cost of speed.

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