Minecraft 2020 Best Seeds: Giant Pillager Tower, Expansive Bamboo Forest, Cliff-side Villages and More!

Every Minecraft world is entirely different due to its randomly generated environments.

This can lead to some dull outcomes or annoying landscapes making building a challenge.

By using a Seed, you can choose the world you’ll load into,
allowing for more planning before you start a huge build project.

This can also allow you to have a much more exciting
experience with some funky sceneries and landscapes.

Below, we’ve listed our top 3 Seeds you need to use in Minecraft!

Seed Number 1 ‘Multi-Biome Spawn’: -1266956775

This Seed has a small cave at the spawn with loads of resources for armour weapons and building.

minecraft seed number 1 best seeds
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X MARKS THE SPOT - Unfortunately, you'll have to get lucky if you want to find gold or diamond!

There is also a very large village spitting distance from
the spawn which holds a few interesting items for you to scavenge.

Past this village, you’ll find an intersection of multiple biomes allowing you to choose which one you want to build and explore in.

Close to spawn, you’ll also find a Pillager Outpost with some awesome end game loot.

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With this seed, you don’t need to travel too far to get to any of your constructive or explorative needs.

Seed Number 2 ‘Bamboo Forest’: 1960607841

With this Seed, you’ll find yourself spawning in a dense forest.

minecraft seed 2 best seeds bamboo forest
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GLORIOUS LIGHTING - The new Ray Tracing effects on PC brings new light to Minecraft!

Right next to this, is the largest Bamboo Forest we’ve ever seen. Be very careful here, getting lost is very easy as most of this forest looks very similar.

In this forest, you’ll also find an abundance of Pandas, if this is what you’re looking for (for whatever reason) definitely use this seed.

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In this forest, you’ll also find a number of intersecting ravines and mineshafts alongside a number of beehives.

Seed Number 3 ‘Giant Pillager Tower’: 1256894139

Your initial spawn will be very underwhelming compared to the other two, but don’t be turned away too quickly, as this world hides a few secrets.

minecraft pillager tower seed number 3 best seeds
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FIGHT OF A LIFETIME - Fight against the new Pillager Towers to get some awesome loot!

There is a desert biome a few minutes away. Here, you’ll find not one, but two desert temples. These will hold some special loot, so are definitely worth checking out.

This map also features a ginormous Pillager tower and for those looking for a challenge.

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Finally, on the other side of this Pillager tower, you’ll find a third desert temple. All of this is just a short walk from spawn, so be sure to check this one out!

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