NFL Icon Withdraws From Madden!

Barry Sanders Madden 14 Cover

Barry Sanders Madden 14 Cover

Barry Sanders has just announced that he has ended his relationship with EA Sports, in what is perhaps the most surprising thing to happen to the Madden franchise in recent memory.

The legendary Lions right back announced on his X profile that he decided to end his long-time partnership with the EA Sports brand and products, which caught the Madden community by surprise.

So let's find out what this means to Madden and its community.

Say Goodbye to Cyber Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders ending his partnership with EA Sports means he will no longer be featured in future Madden editions or other EA Sports brand products.

This is sad news if you are a huge Sanders or Lions fan as you won't be able to play with the Pro Football Hall of Famer in Madden 25 or any other upcoming EA Sports football titles.

Sanders recognized that, and in a class act apologized to all of the players and fans who were looking forward to playing with his virtual character and will no longer be able to do so, at least in the foreseeable future.

Madden 13 Barry Sanders
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Barry Sanders in Madden 13

He is not the first NFL player or icon to do this, and certainly won't be the last, but it's always sad to know that you won't be able to play with legends of the game.

Sanders is a legend of the game and is one of the best running backs in football history. Hopefully, we can see Cyber Barry Sanders making a comeback in the foreseeable future, and who knows, it might even happen in a new football video game franchise.

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