Madden 25 Cover Athlete Revealed!

Madden 25 Cover

Madden 25 Cover

The Madden 25 cover athlete has finally been revealed, and it's safe to say the community wasn't expecting this player to grace the cover of the next title in the Franchise.

Players are surprised by the choice of this year's cover athlete, and many aren't happy it the cover athlete choice and the cover art.

Christian McCaffrey is the Madden 25 Cover Athlete

Yes, you read it right, Christian McCaffrey, the 49ers superstar running back is the Madden 25 cover athlete, which is unexpected, to say the least.

Travis Kelce, Justin Jefferson, and Joe Burrow were the favorites to grace the Madden 25 cover, with some recent leaks pointing to Burrow as the chosen one.

Madden 25 Cover Athlete
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Despite that, McCaffrey, who he had listed as a dark horse in this race, managed to come out on top, and after a spectacular 2023 season, gets the honor of being in the Madden 25 cover.

However, some fans were a little disappointed with the cover art, as they think it's too basic. Many referred to the Madden 10 and 11 covers that were much more aesthetically pleasing and pointed out just how basic the last Madden covers have been.

A Controversial Choice

As mentioned above, many fans aren't happy with the choice of McCaffrey for the Madden 25 cover.

Some think that Travis Kelce was the clear-cut choice, while others are angry that Joe Burrow still hasn't been on the cover of the game, despite being one of the best QBs in the league.

Madden 25 MVP Bundle Pre-Order Rewards
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Some 49ers fans also aren't happy, because they are afraid their team gets hit by the Madden curse, and wouldn't mind seeing Travis Kelce or Burrow in the cover for that reason.

However, a part of the community is happy to see Madden go away from its tradition of having mainly QBs on the cover, and choose a player that is the best in the league in his position, even if his position isn't as glamorous as a QB or WR, or he doesn't get as much media attention.

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