Madden 24: Cross-play is finally coming to the EA Sports title

Madden 24 Cross-play

Madden 24 Cross-play

To days is a great day for Madden fans. After years of asking for this feature to be added to the game, EA Sports finally heard fans' prayers. Madden 24 will have cross-play.

Fans are very excited about this announcement. They will finally be able to compete against each other across multiple different platforms. This provides players with a better gaming experience and more entertainment. It's a feature which other EA Sports titles already have. So, it's great seeing it will finally be coming to Madden.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about Madden 24 Cross-play.


Cross-play is finally coming to Madden 24, as mentioned above. Fans are really happy to see the feature making its way to the game. However, some think this feature is long overdue.

Games such as FIFA or NHL already have a cross-play feature. So, it was only a question of time until it was added to Madden. Despite that, this is still a major change to the franchise. For the first time, PC users will be able to test their skills against console players.

With cross-play, MUT competition will be at an all-time high. This will make the game mode much more entertaining to play. It also creates a more inclusive and interconnected gaming experience.

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The arrival of cross-play to PC, also means the platform is now part of the next-gen. From now on, Madden 24 patches, game updates, and roster changes will be divided in two. One for the consoles of the previous gen, and another for the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

PC players will finally have a game worth buying. The last two editions of Madden for PC seemed like a roster update. That's because none of the new next-gen features were added to the platform.

However, we still don't know if the Franchise game mode or any of the other modes will also undergo major changes. This is something fans have been asking for quite some time, with many saying the Franchise mode has been forgotten.

Everything you need to know about Madden 24

Super Bowl LVII is well behind us and the Draft is over, so all attention now turns to Madden 24. With the last game being another disappointing entry in the series, can EA turn one of its flagship titles around?

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EA knows they have work to do to win over the community and reverse some of the trends that have been all too prevalent in recent years. We hope they can, and Madden 24 seems the perfect place to do it.

So, check out our Madden 24 guide, and find out everything you need to know about the next instalment in the franchise.

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