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The big day is finally here and Madden 24 is available around the world. If you're an Xbox gamer, you'll want to know what Madden 24 has to offer on the next-generation console, the Xbox Series X|S. With EA boasting plenty of improvements and new features there has been a lot of buzz around this year's NFL title.

Well, we're here to help. Find out everything you need to know about Madden 24 below.

Latest - Madden 24 review

We've conducted our Madden 24 review on the Xbox Series X this year and took the new NFL title for a test drive.

Despite a lot of promise, Madden 24 is far from a new game. Small improvements have been made but major frustrations remain with a game that fails to live up to the legacy of John Madden and the franchise that dominated the market in the early 2000s.

Madden 24 on Xbox Series X|S

Madden 24 will allow Xbox Series X|S users to experience a plethora of new features. These features are only available for next-gen consoles. So, if you want to experience Madden 24 in all its glory, the Xbox Series X|S is perfect for that.

The new features added to Madden 24 improve the overall gameplay. AI players are now smarter, which enables smoother and more realistic player reactions.

Passing was also improved, with new throw animations, and improved catching for AI players. This makes the gaming experience much better and more immersive.

Madden 24
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AI run pathing was improved, which gives you plenty of more passing options.

Game modes also received massive upgrades, especially single-player ones, such as Franchise, and Superstar. However, Madden Ultimate Team also introduced some new features.

In Madden 24, the Superstar game mode offers new customization features, plenty of new mini-games, and a live player grading system. It also introduced the Superstar Showdown, which allows players to showcase their skills in a 3v3 match, with a unique atmosphere.

The Franchise mode has been left behind for years but was finally prioritized in this edition. Developers fixed the database issues that plagued the mode and improved the contract management feature.

New mini-games, training camp drills, and a reworked team relocation feature were added to Franchise. Free agency was also completely restructured. Players can now make counter offers to cornerstone playmakers, and restructure their contracts in multiple ways.

Madden 24
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AI players will do a better job blocking for the ball carrier.

New commissioner tools were also added to the game mode. This will allow players to have full customization power over their online and offline leagues.

It's also worth noting that, Crossplay will only be available for the next-gen consoles.


The price for the Madden 24 Standard Edition on the Xbox Series X|S is $69.99.

Madden 24
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GET READY - The release of Madden 24 is edging closer

If you want to have early access and access to some great rewards, you can buy the Madden 24 Deluxe edition for $99.99.

Will Madden 24 have cross-play?

For the joy of all the Madden players, Madden 24 will have cross-play. It's a feature that players of the franchise have been asking for years. So, it's normal to see many users eager to try it out.

Madden 24
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SCORE - NFL fans would love to see cross-play added to Madden 24

Ahead of the implementation of cross-play into FIFA, EA carried out a large-scale testing period, so we can expect to hear news of the same with Madden, now the feature is confirmed to come to Madden 24.

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