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The full launch of Madden 24 PC has arrived as the Standard Edition is now playable around the world. However, it hasn't been a very smooth road for players diving into the new NFL game on PC.

Almost regardless of your hardware, there have been issues with Madden 24 for PC players. So let's take a look at the game and see if there are any fixes available.

Latest News - Madden 24 review!

Our Madden 24 review is now live! While we did review the game on Xbox Series X, much of the review is relevant to PC players too.

EA made a lot of big promises about new improvements and fresh mechanics, but does it create a new feel for the game? Well, not really. It's still the same old Madden mired in many of the same problems as previous years.

PC performance issues

The PC version of Madden is the same as the PS5/Xbox Series X one for the first time this year. You would think this would mean a smooth and fast experience for players. But no.

The PC version of Madden 24 has been full of performance problems for players around the world.

A Reddit thread full of issues for PC players trying to use Madden 24
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UH OH - It's not smooth for PC players

The r/Madden subreddit has been full of players sharing PC problems and trying to find solutions. The most universal and seemingly successful fix for stuttering is capping frames to match your display, be that 60 or 120 fps.

However there are other issues too, with players struggling to get the 10-hour EA Play trial version to load up at all. Meanwhile there are universal UI issues like horrendous menu lag that are even impacting console players.

The hope is EA will patch these, but Madden players have learned not to rely on that over the years.

Gameplay revolution for PC players

PC users have been left frustrated in recent years as next-gen features such as the FieldSENSE gameplay system introduced in Madden 23 haven't been included on the system.

While those on the two next-gen/current-gen consoles of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S have gained updated animations and physics across the board, players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 have remained stuck with the previous year's gameplay engine.

But that changes this year, with PC now receiving all the new gameplay updates, and features the next-gen consoles get.

Madden 24 next-gen improvements

Since PC is now a part of the next-gen club, PC users will be able to experience a plethora of new features. Madden 24 made some massive improvements to its gameplay and introduced new features to many game modes.

When it comes to gameplay, the AI changes are the most important. AI players are now smarter, which enables smoother and more realistic player reactions.

Passing is improving in Madden 24, with new throw animations and improved catching for AI players. This makes the gaming experience much better and more immersive.

Madden 24
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AI run pathing was improved, which gives you plenty of more passing options.

Some game modes also received massive upgrades. These game modes are mostly single-player focused, such as Franchise, and Superstar. However, Madden Ultimate Team also introduced some new features.

In Madden 24, the Superstar game mode offers new customization features, plenty of new mini-games, and a live player grading system. It also introduced the Superstar Showdown, which allows players to showcase their skills in a 3v3 match, with a unique atmosphere.

The Franchise mode has been left behind for years but was finally prioritized in this edition. Developers fixed the database issues that plagued the mode and improved the contract management feature.

Madden 24
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New mini-games, training camp drills, and a reworked team relocation feature were added to Franchise. Free agency was also completely restructured. Players can now make counter offers to cornerstone playmakers, and restructure their contracts in multiple ways.

New commissioner tools were also added to the game mode. This will allow players to have full customization power over their online and offline leagues.

It's also worth noting that, Crossplay will only be available for next-gen.


Crossplay is another thing on the wishlist for Madden fans, allowing you to play online with or against people on other platforms. Once again, fans were left disappointed in Madden 23, with crossplay not included in the title.

However, there will be crossplay in Madden 24, with EA bringing crossplay to all the next-gen platforms.

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TEAM-UP - We would love to see cross-play come to Madden

Players were very excited when they heard this news. They will finally be able to play with friends that have the game on different platforms.

This feature alone makes it worth buying Madden 24. It's by far the most important feature added to the game in recent years. However, it's worth noting that, only next-gen platforms will have access to crossplay.

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