Madden 24 Beta: Sign-ups, start date, platforms & more

The NFL off-season is starting to drag for fans, which means dreams of the Madden 24 beta are becoming more and more frequent! The next release in EA's annual NFL franchise is hotly anticipated, as players are pretty much done with Madden 23 now.

With Madden 24 expected to be a few months away, players aren't necessarily gearing up for beta season, but they should be! The first look at this year's official NFL game could be coming a lot sooner than you might think.

Latest News - Gameplay first look

We finally got a first look at Madden 24 gameplay today. For the first time in a long time, fans got a chance to see how the gameplay for Madden24 looks. It was also the first time fans saw how the gameplay was impacted by the new features.

The gameplay video arrived on 2 August at 11am ET / 4pm BST and was done by two Madden pros. It featured the Chiefs and Bills providing a good example of everything that is possible in Madden 24.

Aaron Rodgers throwing a jump pass in Madden 24
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JUMP MAN - New animations will make players stand out more

It showcased the most important gameplay features, and how they were tuned in Madden 24. Man coverage and press coverage were massively nerfed, while the QBs effectiveness while outside the pocket was improved.

Many other features such as blocking, the new catching animations, and AI improvements were showcased in the broadcast.

Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer

The Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer has finally been released, and it introduced plenty of changes.

Madden 24 will give players new customization tools and add a highly requested fan feature.

Madden 24 training camp
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This trailer also allows players a look at the reworked trade system, new Free agency negotiation tactics, and the expanded draft class generator.

Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer revealed

To the joy of the Madden community, EA Sports has finally released the Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer. The trailer covered all the new gameplay changes that Madden 24 brings.

Among the many changes, the AI improvements, the introduction of the SAPIEN Technology, and the new blocking system are the ones that stand out. However, there are many other significant gameplay changes.

Madden 24 gameplay
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These changes are expected to take the title to a new level and provide fans with a unique gaming experience. Madden 24 will be a historic title for the franchise.

Madden 24 trailer and cover athlete reveal stream

After months of anticipation, fans finally were able to get a glimpse of Madden 24.

On 7 June, at 11 AM ET/16 PM GMT, the trailer for Madden 24 was revealed, on a broadcast that took place on the official Madden YouTube channel.

Madden 24 Reveal Trailer
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In this broadcast, fans got to know which superstar will feature on the cover of the game. It was also the first time fans got a chance to see what Madden 24 looks like.

Madden 24 beta

The first news about the Madden 24 beta arrived back in April, when players that were impacted by the franchise save bug in December 2022 were contacted by EA Sports.

Jalen Hurts in Madden 23
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COVER MAN - Is Jalen Hurts going to be the next Madden cover star?

Emails arrived in players inboxes in late April, saying:

“Hello Franchise Gamers,

You are receiving this message because your account was impacted by a franchise save issue during the Madden NFL 23 season. Today, we want to update you on your invite for the Madden NFL 24 closed beta and share some additional information around Commissioner Tools.

Your single use code for the Madden NFL 24 closed beta will automatically be sent to this email in June, prior to the start of the beta. There is no need to sign up for a code or for the beta through any web portal or additional offer.

You must be 18+ to participate in the closed beta. Closed beta is only available in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to the PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X|S, the closed beta will now be available on EA app and Steam Platforms.

Note: Players receiving this email will automatically be sent a code. Any additional signups from future offers will be cross checked and discarded prior to sending out invites.”

For those of you who did not receive that email, there is still hope for you! From April 21st-April 28th 2023, you can register for what EA is calling a “limited Madden NFL opportunity.”

A defensive back makes an interception in Madden 23
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PICKED OFF - EA needs Madden 24 to be a smash hit

For the last few years that "limited Madden NFL opportunity" has always been beta signups.

Madden 24 beta signups and start date

Unfortunately, Madden 24 beta signups are now closed. However, there are usually plenty of leaks when the beta does start so those who didn't get an invite should still be able to see some of the game.

It is likely that a few YouTube videos may be released too. While the beta is officially "closed", so recording or streaming gameplay from it is not allowed, there are usually one or two players that do so anyway.

An inside zone run tutorial in Madden 24
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LEARN THE ROPES - Beta players will have an edge when Madden 24 drops

The Madden 24 beta will be starting on 8 June and will likely run for a few weeks.

This will like kick off the Madden 24 hype phase. We got the first Maddn 23 trailer in early June last year, which means the first Madden 24 trailer should be just around the corner!

Madden 24 release date

While nothing is confirmed just yet, EA has settled into a good rhythm with the launch of their Madden games. After consistent dates for the last two games, we can expect the Madden 24 release date to follow the same pattern.

That means Madden 24 is likely to drop on 18 August, 2023. Of course, there will be an edition with a few days early access if you are willing to pay more too.

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