Madden 24: Franchise deep dive introduces plenty of new features

To the joy of Madden fans, EA Sports has finally released the Madden 24 Franchise deep dive trailer.

The trailer covered all the changes that are going to hit the mode. Allowing players an in-depth look at the game mode, and some major changes. This includes the addition of new features or the improvement of existing ones.

This year's title is very important for the game mode. Franchise mode players have been at odds with EA Sports for years now. So, Madden 24 Franchise mode needs to deliver a unique gaming experience.

So, let's dive right into the Madden 24 Franchise trailer, and see what it reveals about the game mode.

Madden 24 Franchise deep dive

Madden addressed most concerns players had for the Franchise game mode. The developers worked on improving team building, customization, and franchise progression.

These changes are great for online franchise modes with friends and complete leagues. However, they are not that important for solo play.

The Franchise deep dive trailer allowed us to see the major changes that are coming to the mode. It also helped us understand how they will impact the player's gaming experience and immersion.

Franchise progression

Franchise players have been asking for the training camp feature for quite some time. Madden finally answered the fan's prayers, by bringing back the training camp for Madden 24.

Madden 24 training camp
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The training camp feature will bring plenty of new mini-games. These mini-games will allow users to improve different positions on their roster. This feature is available throughout the whole season.

Players will also earn rewards by playing mini-games, such as XP, skill points, and other items.

Improved team building

The Madden 24 Franchise trade system will be updated. Players will have three more trade slots, and the trade logic will also be improved. This provides players with more immersion and realism.

Free agency and contract negotiations will be enchanted. The franchise tag was improved, and a 5th-year option will be added when negotiating contracts. Some new Free agency negotiation tactics will also be added.

Madden 24 trades
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The draft class generators will also be expanded. This will allow more variety in player pools.

Arguably the most important new feature is the addition of a third talent three. It gives players more options to develop specific positions and find better coaches.


Madden 24 will add two new important features when it comes to customization. Players will be able to relocate their franchise at any time once per season.

Madden 24
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The relocation effects will be felt immediately, contrary to what happened in previous versions. A plethora of new commissioner settings will also be added, allowing players more control over the league.

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