Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer: Exciting gameplay changes will take the title to a new level

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Madden 24

EA Sports has finally released the Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer, and it's a very exciting one!

The trailer covered all the new gameplay changes that Madden 24 brings. These are, Improved AI, the introduction of the SAPIEN Technology, and an improved passing system, among many others.

These changes promise to take the title to a new level. They also provide fans with a unique gaming experience.

With so many great changes, Madden 24 will deliver an immersive experience, like non-other football game has been capable of.

So, let's dive right into the new Madden 24 trailer, and see what it reveals about the upcoming game.

Madden 24 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Madden 24 latest trailer is without a doubt the most exciting one. It gives fans the opportunity to see what the gameplay looks like. It also provides insight into the major changes that were made.

Check out the trailer and first major look at Madden 24 gameplay in action below:

FieldSENSE system improvements

The FieldSENSE system was massively improved. Blocking, passing, and tackling all received updates.

With Madden 24 new tackling control and animations, tackling feels much more real. It also provides players with more control on defence. Furthermore, it improves users' ability to defend the passing game.

Skill-based passing was also improved. These improvements make passing and catching feel smoother. On top of that, many new throw animations are being added. The Mahomes superman throw is one of them.

Another big update to skill-based passing is momentum catching. Wide receivers now maintain speed and momentum no matter where you place the pass.

Madden 24 SAPIEN Technology

Madden 24 completely rebuilt the character skeleton using SAPIEN Technology.

Madden 24 SAPIEN Technology
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The SAPIEN Technology makes players look and feel more realistic.

Now, animations are more realistic and better simulate the performance of athletes. This technology transforms the way players look, move, and perform. It makes players' animations look more real and smoother.

Foundational Football

All the key aspects of gameplay in Madden 24 were improved. That means blocking, quarterback AI, and onside kicks, among others.


Madden 24 brings a new blocking system. This system makes AI blocking smarter and more precise.

The ball-carrier pathfinding ability was also improved. Now, the AI is much better at accessing defensive threats.

Madden 24 quarterback
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In Madden 24, every quarterback will be unique, with a one-of-a-kind play style. Their strengths and weakness will be highlighted in a better way. They will also have a bigger impact on how they play the game.

The quarterback AI was also improved. This will make it more challenging to play against Ai quarterbacks, as they have better reads. Now, they have an easier time reading your defence and finding the open man.

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