Madden 23 trailer showcases new gameplay system with a John Madden touch

The arrival of the first Madden 23 trailer gives us the earliest glimpse as what EA Sports is bringing to the table this year.

You can watch the Madden 23 trailer yourself to see the entirely new gameplay system on display with John Madden's influence at every turn.

Madden 23 trailer reveals gameplay with a John Madden touch

We didn't expect any major Madden 23 news for at least a few more weeks, but EA Sports has kicked off the month with a bang.

This began with the announcement of John Madden as the Madden 23 cover star along with three unique covers.

After plenty of anticipation, we now have our first look at the game itself with the Madden 23 reveal trailer:

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While the newly displayed FieldSENSE gameplay system has likely been in development since long before Madden's passing, his influence is present.

As explained in the trailer, the gameplay system "changes the foundation" of how you play and offers all-new control in many situations.

However, the trailer also gives us the first glimpse at hearing the voice of John Madden back in the gaming franchise he helped create.

We don't yet know how extensive it will be, but EA Sports has confirmed that remastered John Madden audio clips will be included in Madden 23 as commentary in certain situations.

FieldSENSE gameplay system aims to offer ultimate control

There were a flurry of new gameplay features on display that come along with this FieldSENSE system.

The first noticeable one in the Madden 23 trailer, and perhaps the most exciting for some players, is the new Skill Based Passing system.

You can see the new interface on display below, and EA Sports has stressed this passing reboot places ultimate control on both pass placing and power.

Madden 23 trailer gameplay reveal
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The trailer also showcased new mechanics for wide receivers and defensive backs, and this all wraps into the Hit Everything upgrade.

This new aspect of FieldSENSE in Madden 23 is meant to redefine physical on-field interactions, and it could be a breath of fresh air for a game with so many notorious collision issues over the years.

Mid-Air Knockouts are also a new piece of the puzzle that come with Hit Everything, as we see even players jumping up for a pass aren't safe from a hit.

Finally, the last big improvement showcased was 360 Cuts, and this new change of direction system should allow even more finesse as a ball carrier.

Unfortunately, it has to be noted that FieldSENSE is next gen exclusive and will only be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game.

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