Madden 23: What is FieldSENSE?

We finally have our first look at Madden 23 gameplay thanks to the official reveal trailer, and that has introduced a new gameplay system at the heart of this year's game, FieldSENSE.

So what is FieldSENSE?

Here's everything we know about the new Madden 23 gameplay system, and what it has in store for players on launch day.

Madden 23 Gameplay Trailer Gives First Look at In-Game Action

EA has got the ball rolling fast with the first reveals of Madden 23, including its covers, and now a reveal trailer filled with gameplay.

You can check out the trailer in action below:

One aspect the trailer touches on is how gameplay will evolve in Madden 23, and that centers on a new gameplay system called FieldSENSE.

What is FieldSENSE?

While EA touched on FieldSENSE in the Madden 23 reveal trailer, we've received plenty more information on this system and how it will shake things up this year.

Madden 23 gameplay fieldSENSE tackling
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MAKE THE PLAY: FieldSENSE gives players new levels of control in Madden 23

FieldSENSE is a new physics system in Madden 23 that will adjust how the game moves and plays across the board. This system will focus on making the game ultra-realistic.

This starts with the Hit Everything animation tech implemented in Madden 23, which will shake up how contact and positioning effects tackling so that every inch matters.

Further, the newly branded Skill Based Passing system will rework ball speed and placement in the passing game, ultimately giving players more control over both.

Finally, the last specific improvement in FieldSENSE is in ball-carrier control, with the new system more realistically portraying the movement of runners, allowing for 360 cuts and making every step and movement matter to the next.

Beyond these more specific reworks, FieldSENSE aims to improve the mechanics of zone defense, pass rush, and containing mobile QBs to help reset a very mobile Madden meta on offense.

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What Else is Changing in Madden 23 Gameplay?

While FieldSENSE is for sure the biggest driver of change in how Madden 23 will play, another design change will play more of a part in how it looks.

EA is prioritizing new body types, gear, and other visuals across Madden 23 to make sure what players see feels as real as what they control.

This includes a ton of new gameday scans for players, coaches, and more, while also introducing new camera angles in the endzone to offer some incredible cinematic shots in line with real NFL coverage.

While there's still plenty for EA to reveal as we wind down the final days to the Madden 23 release date, these visual changes and the implementation of FieldSENSE are exciting looks ahead at what's next.

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