Madden 22 ready for Scouting Spotlight at EA Play Live

Madden 22 is aiming to bring scouting to Franchise after this year's release date, and we've finally learned more thanks to the EA Play Live Spotlight Series.

This latest Madden 22 All-Access Deep Dive in scouting as part of EA Play Live's Spotlight Series is definitely one of the best in-depth looks we've seen at Franchise.

Latest - Scouting will completely revamp the NFL Draft in Franchise

We finally learned about the new scouting feature headed to Madden 22 after the title is launched, and things look very exciting.

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MOCK DRAFT: The board will shift throughout the season

The NFL Draft will be completely revamped this year, with a Mock Draft board changing throughout the season based on the scouting decisions made by each individual team.

You can find more details here about all the Franchise changes coming with scouting.

HOW TO WATCH: Madden 22 Scouting Spotlight at EA Play Live

If you're itching to see what's coming during the Madden 22 Scouting Spotlight at EA Play Live, the good news is you've come to the right place.

While the event hasn't yet begun, you can watch it live right here with the video below as soon as it begins:

You'll need to free up your evening to watch the stream as it airs, because the Madden 22 Scouting Spotlight takes place on July 19, 2021 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 6pm CT.

It's not clear how long the event will be, as EA Play Live shows and Madden 22 All-Access streams have been as short as five minutes, but hopefully, we'll get half an hour or more this time.

Scouting is coming to Franchise Mode in Madden 22

Madden 22 is set to launch next month on all platforms, and one of the biggest points of focus this year was Franchise Mode.

Thanks to the fan movement #FixMaddenFranchise, there was significant pressure on EA Sports to give the once-beloved and now oft-criticized game mode some much-needed TLC.

So far, we've already gotten several pieces of information and learned about new features coming to Franchise Mode like Staff Management and Weekly Strategy.

EA Play Live Madden 22 Scouting Spotlight How to Watch Free Stream
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LEVEL UP: You can improve each piece of your staff with talents

Staff Management is among the most anticipated that's been announced, with EA Sports taking the time to add in a new RPG-style skill tree allowing you to upgrade and level up your staff.

On top of that, Weekly Strategy will allow players more control than ever to adjust the gameplan heading into each week and make sure you're prepped for each opponent.

Player Health will tie into that as well, and we know players will get to adjust the intensity and frequency of practice drills in order to improve players while making sure not to overwork them and risk an injury.

Madden 22 EA Play Live Franchise Mode Scouting
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WAIT AND SEE: Scouting could be a huge addition this September

As for scouting, it was major news when EA Sports revealed that it's coming to Madden 22 Franchise Mode, but many have been frustrated that it won't be in the game at launch.

Instead, players will have to wait for a live service update scheduled to land in September that will bring scouting in, and many are understandably annoyed that Franchise Mode saves created prior to the update will not retroactively get scouting.

This means players will be required to make a new save after the update goes live, but hopefully the potential of what they reveal on Monday will be enough to make it worth the wait.

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