Rams terrorize Burrow and Bengals in Madden 22 Super Bowl simulation

With the biggest game of the year less than 24 hours away, this Madden 22 Super Bowl simulation could be giving us a glimpse into a future where the Rams take the win.

From unforgettable one-handed catches to sacks, sacks, and more sacks, let's see just how the Super Bowl might go according to this Madden 22 simulation.

Madden 22 Super Bowl Simulation: Bengals hold strong into the second half

There are two major storylines heading into this Sunday's game, as both teams have their own personal reasons for why this Super Bowl would mean so much.

It's every team's goal to win the biggest game in football, but the Bengals haven't been in a Super Bowl since 1988, haven't won a playoff game since 1991 (prior to this season), and are looking for their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams are in the playoffs for the fourth time in five seasons while looking to claim their first Super Bowl Championship since 1999. On top of that, they have the extremely rare opportunity to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

Madden 22 Super Bowl
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GAME TIME: Madden 22 presented the full Super Bowl experience

When our Madden 22 simulation got rolling, it was the Bengals who started off strong with the first touchdown of the game after a 30-yard pass from Burrow to Boyd put them on the board.

The Rams powered back through the second quarter, as they went from being down 7-0 to taking a 13-10 lead heading into halftime thanks to a pair of Matt Gay field goals and an Odell Beckham Jr. touchdown from Stafford.

Rams defense terrorizes Burrow and the Bengals through the second half

In our Madden 22 simulation, there was no shortage of pressure on Joe Burrow from the Los Angeles Rams defensive line, but it was something they were able to manage through the first half.

The Bengals held briefly, managing a field goal in the middle of the third quarter to tie things up 13-13, but the Rams took control after that and things started to absolutely fall apart for the Bengals in this Madden 22 Super Bowl simulation.

Through the full game, the Los Angeles Rams managed to sack Joe Burrow a full 7 different times, and they spread the love as well with multiple players getting in on the action.

Aaron Donald, perennial member of the 99 Club (including in Madden 22), led their squad with 2.5 sacks while Leonard Floyd had 2 sacks, Von Miller had 2 sacks, and A'Shawn Robinson had 0.5 sacks.

Madden 22 Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl
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TO THE FUTURE: Could this be the scene after tomorrow's Super Bowl?

As the Rams pounded the Bengals and the Madden 22 Super Bowl simulation rolled on, it started to become clear things were already over for Cincinnati.

Los Angeles finished the third quarter up 27-13, and they kicked another field goal in the middle of the fourth quarter to seemingly seal it at a 30-13 lead.

The Bengals refused to go down, and in the final two minutes of this Madden 22 simulation they managed a 7-yard pass from Burrow to Higgins to get within 10-points of a tie game. Unfortunately, they did that with just 1 minute and 1 second on the clock, so the Rams got the ball back and quickly ended things.

As time expired, the Rams added insult to injury by putting a final nail in the coffin with one extra Matt Gay field goal to take the win 33-20 in our Madden 22 Super Bowl simulation.

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