Madden 22: Ultimate Los Angeles Rams Theme Team in MUT 22 - New Cards

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Super Bowl 56 is mere days away and what better way to prep for it than building another Madden 22 Theme Team. Lucky for us, we've got some more cards added.

Courtesy of the Super Bowl set, there are a few more cards that could help you out when building your own Rams Theme Team.

Time to go over the cards you'll need to build a great Madden 22 Los Angeles Rams Theme Team.

LATEST - New MUT 22 Rams Cards

If you're looking to add some additional cards to your Madden 22 Theme Team, you can do so with the six new Los Angeles Rams cards.

The Super Bowl Past & Present promotion has turned into a popular place to get perfect cards for a Rams Theme Team and a Bengals Theme Team.

Here are the six new MUT players you can add to your Los Angeles Rams Theme Team in Madden 22:

  • Jack Youngblood - 97 OVR (LTD) - LE
  • Aaron Donald - 97 OVR - RE
  • Cam Akers - 95 OVR - HB
  • Darius Williams - 95 OVR - CB
  • Tyler Higbee - 95 OVR - TE
  • Ernest Jones - 95 OVR - MLB

Even if you landed Aaron Donald and Jack Youngblood, your ability to pressure opposing QBs would skyrocket. They're definitely worth being added to your Madden 22 Los Angeles Rams Theme Team.

Madden 22: Los Angeles Rams Theme Team

The Los Angeles Rams are among the most popular teams in the NFL. It only makes sense that we'd build a Madden 22 Theme Team around the NFC Champions.

Now, we'd love to see a Matthew Stafford card be revealed in the next MUT 22 Super Bowl Promo, but for now, we've got a good idea for our QB.

Madden 22 Theme Team Los Angeles Rams
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NO STAFFORD CARDS: Unfortunately Matthew Stafford doesn't have a 90+ OVR card

The players that we're going to list below are all over 90 OVR. This way, you'll get the best players on both sides of the ball. Keep in mind, these players could cost a bit of coin.

Let's get started building our Los Angeles Rams Theme Team by going over the best MUT 22 cards.

Best Rams MUT 22 Cards

There are a ton of cards to choose from when looking at all the ones available for the Rams in Madden 22. One of the most popular is the 96 OVR Nick Scott.

We'll go over more about this card and the rest of the defensive players in a moment. We just want to stress the importance of having plenty of coins for these cards.

Madden 22 Cooper Kupp Card
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KUPP CARD: This is one wide receiver you won't want to be without

If you're lacking the coins to put up, we suggest completing some of the challenges or selling cards you don't need.

You don't want to cheap out on purchasing Madden 22 cards, it could end up costing you a few games.

Defense: Nick Scott, Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Donald

Building a strong defense is key to a successful Madden 22 team. In order to do so, you'll want players like the 96 OVR Nick Scott at Strong Safety. He's slightly short, at 5'11", however, he has an incredible MCV rating at 95. He's a great start to a solid defense.

The next player you'll need to target is the 95 OVR Jalen Ramsey. This card is from the MCS series and is another perfect MCV cornerback. Ramsey can also play zone coverage as well as he does in real life. His 94 SPD rating keeps him from being burnt by wide receivers.

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Last but certainly not least, you've got to have Aaron Donald on your frontlines. The 94 OVR Aaron Donald is the perfect DT to have running your front seven attack. If you want to spend a little less coin, you can grab the 93 OVR Aaron Donald from the Madden 22 Most Feared set.

Offense: Andrew Whitworth, Torry Holt, Sam Bradford

Similar to our MUT 22 Cincinnati Bengals Theme Team, an offensive lineman has the highest-rated card. The 96 OVR Andrew Whitworth will keep your QB safe and allow you to target wide receivers downfield. His AWR is set to 99 OVR, a must-have for your team.


With great blocking, you'll need a Madden 22 receiver that can be a deep threat. This is where the Torry Holt 96 OVR Team of the Week card will come in. He's got a 95 SPD rating along with a 95 MRR. Don't sleep on him down the field, his 93 DRR can be lethal.

Madden 22 Los Angeles Rams Theme Team
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SAMMY SLEEVES: Take the field with this Oklahoma legend

We know the Sam Bradford pick could be shocking, but take a look at his stats. He's got 82 SPD, which isn't terrible. The 94 THP is the real selling point along with his 94 SAC and 92 PAC. He's a great QB to lead your Madden 22 Theme Team until Matthew Stafford gets his own card.

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