Madden 22: Super Bowl Past MUT 22 cards you need in your lineup

Madden 22 is still releasing some incredible cards into the MUT 22 market. The latest additions highlight some of the elite players of Super Bowl Past.

So, which cards should you try to add to your Ultimate Team lineup? We've actually got a few options for you depending on what your team needs are.

Let's take a look at the latest Super Bowl Past cards in Madden 22.

Best Cards from the Super Bowl Past set

There are a ton of cards to choose from in the Madden 22 Super Bowl Past set. However, a few of them stand out above the rest.

Of course, these cards will definitely depend on what specific needs your team needs. It'll also help if you've built an Ultimate Theme Team that one of these MUT 22 cards will help boost. Recently, we detailed how to build a Cincinnati Bengals Ultimate Theme Team.

Madden 22 Super Bowl Past
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FITZGERALD 97 OVR: Larry Fitzgerald is easily one of the best MUT 22 receivers

We've come up with three players that we think should easily make your Madden 22 Ultimate Team squad. We'll also include how much these players cost at the Auction House.

Let's get started with our first pick of the Super Bowl Past set, Larry Fitzgerald.

Larry Fitzgerald (WR) - 97 OVR - Arizona Cardinals

As far as wide receivers go, you won't find many in MUT 22 better than Larry Fitzgerald. Obviously, he'd fit perfectly into an Arizona Cardinals Ultimate Theme Team.

What we like most about Fitzgerald is his 98 JMP and 97 SPC, making him perfect for goalline jump balls. Don't want to use him as an outside primary receiver? He'll work great in the slot with his 94 SPD and 96 Short Route Running.

Currently, Fitzgerald is going for 279K in the Auction House. With how many wide receivers there are, it's rare to see a Madden 22 card separate itself like the 97 OVR Larry Fitzgerald.

Ronnie Lott (FS) - 97 OVR - San Francisco 49ers

If you're going against some great wide receivers, you'll need a strong free safety on defense. This is where you'll want to have Ronnie Lott running your defense.

Lott is speedy free safety with 95 SPD and he works best as a zone coverage safety with 97 ZCV. Compared to the rest of the free safeties in Madden 22, Lott stands above them.

Madden 22 Ronnie Lott
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HALL OF FAMER: This Madden 22 Champion is an absolute must-have

Ronnie Lott is one of the more expensive cards of the Super Bowl Past set, coming in at 291K in the Auction House. Still, he's probably the best MUT 22 safety in the game.

Marcus Allen (RB) - 97 OVR - Raiders

Our last card is the LTD Marcus Allen that won't be available for very long and for good reason. Not only is he incredibly fast at 95 SPD and 96 ACC. He can break tackles as well.

His TRK and BTK are both set at 97 which is incredible considering the speed and acceleration he has. He's also a great running back to throw to with an 87 CTH rating.

Madden 22 LTD Marcus Allen
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LTD MARCUS ALLEN: This 97 OVR player is great for a Raiders Theme Team

Since this is widely considered as the best card of the Madden 22 Super Bowl Past set, it's going for a hefty price at the Auction House. Expect to spend around 298K for it.

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