MUT 22 Super Bowl promo is missing three historic teams

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Madden 22 is constantly bringing new players to MUT 22 and the latest group is part of the Super Bowl Past set. However, we have a few questions surrounding these new cards.

One of our most glaring questions is about the teams they didn't include in the Super Bowl Past set. Mainly, some of the NFL's most winning Super Bowl teams.

Let's go over these teams and players that we would've liked to see in the Madden 22 Super Bowl Past promotion.

MUT 22 Super Bowl Past missing teams

To be fair to the set, Madden 22 did include a lot of different teams in the MUT 22 Super Bowl Past promotion. Still, there are a few teams we would've liked to see.

Just thinking about the available players that could've been turned into MUT 22 cards has us excited. Think of a 97 OVR Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers 2011 Super Bowl.

MUT 22 Super Bowl Past promotion
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THE GUNSLINGER: We would've loved to see an LTD Aaron Rodgers

Along with the Packers, there are three other teams we would've loved to see in MUT 22 for the Super Bowl Past Promo. Here are the teams and amount of Super Bowl victories they have.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 6 Super Bowl Wins
  • Dallas Cowboys: 5 Super Bowl Wins
  • Green Bay Packers: 4 Super Bowl Wins

Not a single one of these historic teams was given a Madden 22 Super Bowl Past player card. We think there are a ton of players on each of these teams from their Super Bowl eras that we would've loved to see.

MUT 22 Super Bowl Past players we wanted

We mentioned above that we would've loved an LTD Aaron Rodgers card, but even a Troy Aikman MUT 22 card would've been great.

The Cowboys had legendary wide receiver Michael Irvin as well that could've been an amazing receiver to go alongside Larry Fitzgerald.

Imagine a Madden 22 Jack Lambert linebacker card from his years as the greatest linebacker of his era. The hard-hitting linebacker won Rookie of the Year and was the central figure of the Steelers defense that won Super Bowl IX over the Minnesota Vikings.

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