Madden 22: Ultimate New York Giants Theme Team in MUT 22

One of the best ways to stay competitive in Madden 22 Ultimate Team is by building your own Theme Team.

With some of the latest cards to hit the MUT 22 Marketplace being New York Giants players, the Giants Theme Team has become increasingly popular.

Let's go over how to build the New York Giants Theme Team in Madden 22.

Madden 22: New York Giants Theme Team

The Giants Theme team has become widely popular among competitive Madden 22 players which means, it'll give you a chance to get in on the action.

Theme Teams are great for Team Chemistry, or if you're just a die-hard New York Giants fan that wants to represent.

Madden 22 New York Giants Theme Team
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TAKE THE FIELD: The G-Men are the latest Theme Team to set MUT 22 on fire

So, what players should you have to fill out the New York Giants Theme Team in Madden 22? Don't worry, we'll help you build the roster you need for success in MUT 22.

Best Giants MUT Cards

The only way to build a strong Ultimate Theme Team is by using the best cards for the team. This way you'll ensure that you have the highest-overall players on your roster.

The New York Giants have multiple cards that are over 90 overall which is why they've become so popular lately, especially after the Harvest set in Madden 22. Let's take a look at the cards you should definitely have on your MUT 22 Giants Ultimate Team.

Defense: Jabrill Peppers, Lawrence Taylor, Logan Ryan

These are the absolute best of the best players you can have on your Giants Theme Team defense. Jabrill Peppers is out of the Harvest set and can double as a KR/PR.

Madden 22 Giants Theme Team Jabrill Peppers
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MULTI-PURPOSE: Grab Jabrill Peppers from the Auction House and get a great SS and KR

Lawrence Taylor will be a nightmare coming off the edge and can work well if you user him in coverage. Logan Ryan goes perfectly right next to Jabrill Peppers and is a great zone-coverage safety in Madden 22.

Offense: Evan Engram, Plaxico Burress, Daniel Jones

There are a ton of offensive players to choose from when looking at all of the New York Giants MUT 22 players. However, Evan Engram and Plaxico Burress are must-haves.

Madden 22 Giants Theme Team MUT Blitz
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MUT BLITZ: Daniel Jones is a receiver in the latest MUT Blitz set

The Daniel Jones (91 OVR) from the MUT 22 Blitz set is a wide receiver as well. He'll go perfectly in the slot and you can grab another Giants QB mentioned below for your New York Giants Theme Team quarterback.

Other Ultimate Theme Team Options

Here we have a few players that will help you fill out the rest of the New York Giants Theme Team offense and defense.

Our plan is to try and keep the cost for these players pretty low since you have already likely spent a lot at the Madden 22 Auction House purchasing the above players.

Here are some extra players you can purchase to fill out your Giants Theme Team:

  • Saquon Barkley (RB) - Core Elite (84 OVR) - 5.1K
  • Daniel Jones (QB) - Flashbacks (88 OVR) - 20K
  • Michael Strahan (LE) - Legends (89 OVR) - 28.1K

With these additions and the players above, you should have a really strong Madden 22 New York Giants Theme Team.

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