Madden 22: Giants QB Daniel Jones becomes a WR in MUT 22 Blitz promo

Madden 22 is gearing up to launch the MUT 22 Blitz promo, and this Black Friday themed is changing things up for Daniel Jones.

We've got all the details on the new wide receiver card revealed for the quarterback in Madden 22 Ultimate Team as part of the MUT Blitz promo.

Madden 22: Daniel Jones becomes a wide receiver after Week 7 catch

Madden 22 is almost ready to land their Blitz promo in MUT 22, and each new event of its kind brings new cards to Ultimate Team representing the NFL's best of the past and present.

One of the first major reveals was a surprising one, as New York Giants starting quarterback Daniel Jones will get to be a wide receiver in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

The card is based on a spectacular trick play run by the New York Giants back in their Week 7 clash with the Carolina Panthers, as evidenced by the art itself featuring an image from this moment.

In the play, Daniel Jones ran a receiving route as Giants wideout Dante Pettis got the ball and sent a spectacular 16-yard pass to him that Jones nabbed with a one-handed fingertip catch.

In response to the play, EA chose to raise Daniel Jones' ratings in the game with a 20-point boost to his Spectacular Catch and 10-point boost to his Catch in Traffic in the Week 7 Roster Update.

While those didn't suddenly make him a star wideout, they show EA's recognition of that play, and it's now translated to this exciting new card.

WR Daniel Jones is a must-have card from MUT 22 Blitz promo

While it was already exciting to see a Daniel Jones wide receiver card in MUT 22, the reveal of his Blitz promo addition also showed the potential this card has.

While the 91 OVR doesn't exactly make it the best in MUT 22, it is high enough that Jones is a very valid option for most squads at this stage in Ultimate Team.

Jones has solid ratings across the board, including a 93 in Speed, 95 in Jumping, and 94 in Spectacular Catch all fueled by his performance in that one play.

Madden 22 Daniel Jones
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Perhaps most exciting for die-hard Ultimate Team players will be the three abilities that Daniel Jones is given, some of which are not often seen in wide receivers.

Identifier, traditionally a QB ability, allows players to detect user-controlled defender before the snap, and this version of Daniel Jones gets it for zero AP.

He's also got Threat Detector for 2 AP, often seen in quarterbacks or offensive linemen as the ability can highlight oncoming blitzers on 3rd and 4th downs.

Finally, for 1 AP, Daniel Jones also gets Slot-O-Matic, which makes him a more capable receiver when catching passes less than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Whether you're working on a Giants Theme Team or just looking for a unique option at wide receiver, this new version of Daniel Jones is one you don't want to miss out on.

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