Madden 22 countdown is over, trailer and more revealed

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Madden 22 has officially been announced!

Check out the trailer, release date, cover athletes, and everything we found out today now that the countdown to the Madden 22 reveal has ended!

WATCH: Madden 22 Trailer Revealed

EA Sports has just dropped the first official reveal trailer for Madden 22, and you can watch it right here!

This is the first look fans are getting at the gameplay, and things are looking better than ever for this year's installment.

Check out all the details we found out today below!

Release Date & Cover Athlete Announced

Or maybe that should be cover athletes, as this is only the second time ever Madden is putting two different stars on the same cover.

The "two goats" image in the teaser dropped earlier this week has turned out to ring true, as both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will grace the cover of Madden 22.

Madden 22 countdown reveal release date cover athletes
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TWO GOATS: Both Brady and Mahomes are featured this year

This also makes them the first ever repeat cover athletes in Madden history, which is a big accolade for arguably the two best quarterbacks in football today.

We also found out today that Madden 22 is scheduled for an August 20, 2021 release date.

Early Access will return as well, and players who purchase the MVP Edition or Dynasty Edition of the game will be able to play as early as August 17, 2021.

What new features are coming to Madden 22?

On top of the trailer reveal and details released today, we've also learned more about what's new this year in Madden 22.

Next gen versions are getting an all new Dynamic Gameday feature that will integrate the crowd and stadium atmosphere like never before.

Franchise Mode is also getting some upgrades, though some fans may still be left wanting more from Franchise which should come after launch.

Madden 22 countdown reveal release date cover athletes
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NEW FEATURES: They're changing things up once again this year

Face of the Franchise returns with "United We Rise," and for the first time this year you'll be able to play as a linebacker in addition to the option of choosing quarterback, wide receiver, or running back.

The Yard and Superstar KO will also be making a return, and The Yard will be integrated into Face of the Franchise for the first time thanks to unified progression.

Core gameplay is also getting some much-needed TLC, with upgraded physics to make the tackling engine more accurate based on player height and weight.

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