Madden 22 cover athlete teaser gives a reveal time

Madden 22 has been building hype quietly for weeks, but things just got real as EA Sports dropped a teaser, and for those digging deeper, it could allude to Peyton Manning.

Little is clear just yet, but EA Sports signaled a major Madden 22 announcement is coming in just a few days and the focus could be on this year's cover athlete.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete Teaser Revealed

The first Madden 22 reveal has been teased, and it looks like it will be the cover star(s).

In the video seen above, and based on the content of the tweet, they're playing heavily into the "GOAT" imagery, which limits the cover spot to some legendary players.

The reveal included a time and date, June 17, 2021 at 10am ET, which may be when we'll finally get confirmation of Madden 22 and their choice (or choices) for cover athlete!

Who could be the Madden 22 cover athlete?

So who will be revealed as the Madden 22 cover star(s)?

The teaser tweet from EA included former Madden cover star Peyton Hillis. Some suggest that following the "It's Peyton" quote from the video, it could end up being Peyton Manning.

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BACK AT IT?: Mahomes and Brady were back on the gridiron together according to recent reports

Other conjecture has arisen from a leak that revealed Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady were seen recently filming on a football field, in what could amount to a new Madden 22 cover with two superstars - something we haven't seen since Madden 10 with Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu.

We know that the cover of Madden 22 was already hinted at being "a little different" this year, based on recent comments by EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

The inclusion of two goats in the video could be signaling that two legendary stars will be on the cover this year, or it could be a sign Madden 22 will be taking a cue from other sports gaming franchises.

It's been common for sports titles to put a legendary player on the cover of their Deluxe Edition while a modern day star takes center stage for the Standard Edition, which is definitely something Madden 22 could do this year.

Check out our full cover athlete predictions here to see who else might have a shot at being the face of Madden 22.

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