Madden 22 Passing Controls & Tips: Using Every Pass

Madden 22 has finally launched, and getting your passing game at the top level can put you on track to more wins.

We've got details on all the different passing controls, how to execute each pass, when to use each type, and more tips in this guide for Madden 22.

Madden 22 Passing Controls Guide & Tips

In Madden 22, there are five different types of passes and three other moves you'll need to learn to become the most dangerous passer possible.

Madden 22 passing guide tips
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AERIAL THREAT: Make every defense's secondary fear you

Let's take a closer look at each kind of pass, how to throw them, and when the right time is to make use of each in Madden 22.

When & How to Throw a Low Pass

  • Xbox: Receiver Icon + Hold LT
  • PlayStation: Receiver Icon + Hold L2
  • PC: Receiver Icon + Hold CTRL

The low pass is one of the best to master in Madden 22 as it makes interceptions much less likely, but it does make catching the pass more difficult for your own receiver as well.

Low passes are best utilized with curl routes and hitch routes, or occasionally with a receiver in the middle to prevent a defender having time to make a play on the ball.

When & How to Throw a High Pass

  • Xbox: Receiver Icon + Hold LB
  • PlayStation: Receiver Icon + Hold L1
  • PC: Receiver Icon + Hold ALT

If you're up against the endzone and have a tall receiving threat, putting them at the back of that endzone and throwing a high pass can make a big difference.

This keeps the ball out of the hands of most defenders, lessening the likelihood they can make a play on the ball when up against a tall receiver.

When & How to Throw a Bullet Pass

  • Xbox: Hold Receiver Icon
  • PlayStation: Hold Receiver Icon
  • PC: Hold Receiver Icon

You'll find yourself leaning on the bullet pass at times, and it can be useful especially when you need to deliver a laser pass with quickness and the clock is working against you.

Be careful though, as good defenders can definitely still intercept a bullet pass, and if you overuse them it can start to backfire. To make sure you throw a bullet pass, keep holding the receiver icon until after the pass has been thrown.

When & How to Throw a Lob Pass

  • Xbox: Tap Receiver Icon
  • PlayStation: Tap Receiver Icon
  • PC: Tap Receiver Icon

Perhaps the easiest to throw, but only effective in certain situations, the lob pass just needs the lightest and shortest tap you can manage. Just enough to trigger the throwing motion.

Madden 22 passing field NFL
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GO LONG: Use the lob to get huge yards with the right target

You'll mostly use the lob pass for deep balls, especially if you have a speedy receiver, as it can give them extra time to create separation and make an easy catch. However, it can backfire if the defender keeps up and could lead to an interception.

When & How to Throw a Touch Pass

  • Xbox: Press Receiver Icon
  • PlayStation: Press Receiver Icon
  • PC: Double-Tap Receiver Icon

The timing is trickiest on the touch pass for console players, as it's a butter zone between holding long enough for a bullet and tapping light enough for a lob, but hit practice until you nail the nuance here.

Once you have the timing down, the touch pass sort of offers a middle ground between the bullet and lob by providing a little extra time for the route to finish and receiver to get in place.

When & How to Pump Fake

  • Xbox: Double Tap Receiver Icon
  • PlayStation: Double Tap Receiver Icon
  • PC: Receiver Icon + Hold CTRL

While sometimes risky, the pump fake can help at times to throw defenders off and create just enough of an opening to make a play.

If you're going to pump fake, make sure to stay aware of the defense, because it's very easy to lose time during a pump fake and have them close in for the sack.

When & How to Throw Away

  • Xbox: Press RS
  • PlayStation: Press R3
  • PC: Press X

Learning when to throw the ball away and mitigate damage can make a huge difference, and you always want to take that over a sack or interception if at all possible.

Madden 22 gameplay
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LIVE TO THROW ANOTHER DAY: Just throw it away, don't risk an interception

Just keep in mind that you'll want to get outside of the pocket to avoid a possible intentional grounding penalty when you throw the ball away.

When & How to Scramble

  • Xbox: LS + Hold RT
  • PlayStation: LS + Hold R2
  • PC: Right Click or Hold Left Shift (after snap)

Scrambling with a quarterback can be incredibly fun and extremely effective, but it's also incredibly risky when you realize how easily quarterbacks fumble.

However, you still want to watch for coverage gaps and attempt the scramble when you have the right opening, and at the end make sure to slide.

When & How to Slide as a Quarterback

  • Xbox: Press X
  • PlayStation: Press Square
  • PC: Press Q

If you're planning to scramble with your quarterback, you need to practice sliding after that scramble and get used to being on the ground before anyone makes contact.

Quarterbacks are extremely prone to fumbles when compared to other players, and as such you always want to slide and avoid contact rather than risk a hit from the defense knocking the ball loose at the end of a great scramble.

Be careful with this, as you need to be behind the line of scrimmage to initiate a slide, and pressing the buttons behind the line of scrimmage will still attempt to throw a pass.

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