Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Ultimate Kickoff Program - New currency, Heroes, Master, LTD, Solos, Packs, Sets & more

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A massive new program is going live in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, Ultimate Kickoff!

With Ultimate Kickoff comes some fantastic new Heroes that players can collect for their Ultimate Team squads.

Let's go over all the massive Madden Ultimate Team Heroes coming to Madden 21 in its newest program.

Ultimate Kickoff Release Date

The Ultimate Kickoff Program has always been a fantastic way to get new game-changing players.

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That won't change with the Madden 21 Ultimate Kickoff program that goes live with the start of the new NFL season.

It will drop into Ultimate Team TODAY!

Ultimate Kickoff Heroes

Some fantastic new cards are coming soon with Madden 21 Ultimate Kickoff!

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Let's go down the list of game-changing Heroes you can collect now in MUT.

Todd Gurley II (HB) - 88 OVR

Todd Gurley II is the offensive firework of the Ultimate Kickoff Heroes.

Madden 21 Heroes Todd Gurley II
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CATCH HIM IF YOU CAN: Todd Gurley II is an offensive force in the Ultimate Kickoff Heroes

Gurley provides tons of big-play potential with 89 Agility, 88 Carrying, 88 Acceleration, and 87 Speed before any upgrades.

Trent Williams (LT) - 88 OVR

Trent Williams is a force on the offensive line, and is perfect to protect your blind side.

Madden 21 Ultimate Kickoff Heroes Trent Williams 1 1
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BLIND SIDE: Trent Williams can keep your QB safe from the Left Tackle position in MUT

Williams is a rock solid addition to any kind of offense in Madden Ultimate Team, with 89 Strength, 86 Pass Block, 86 Run Block, and 84 Awareness before any upgrades.

Yannick Ngakoue (RE) - 88 OVR

Yannick Ngakoue adds some much needed threat to your defensive edge.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Ultimate Kickoff Yannick Ngakoue 1 1
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EVASIVE: Yannick Ngakoue can get around the most elite linemen in MUT

Ngakoue is hard to fool with 87 Play Recognition, and can sail past blockers with 92 Finesse Moves, 84 Acceleration, and 79 Speed before any upgrades.

Linval Joseph (DT) - 88 OVR

Linval Joseph is a powerhouse that brings a hard-nosed presence to your front four.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Linval Joseph Ultimate Kickoff Heroes 1
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FRONTLINE: Good luck keeping Linval Joseph back in Madden Ultimate Team

Joseph has a massive 93 Strength to go along with 89 Block Shedding, 87 Play Recognition, and 85 Tackling.

Ultimate Kickoff Master

Byron Jones (CB, Miami Dolphins) will be the Master for Ultimate Kickoff.

Byron Jones Master 1
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BINGO: Jones is going to be a turnover machine

Jones is 90 OVR with 90 speed, 88 zone coverage, and 93 jumping. He's going to be awesome!

You'll need to trade in all four Heroes to get Jones.Like the Superstar MVPs promo you will get Jones, his Power Up, and two Heroes back from the set.

LTD card

Brandin Cooks is the LTD!

Brandin Cooks LTD ultimate kickoff 1
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SPEED DEMON: Cooks is rapid

With 91 speed, 89 deep route, and 88 catching Cooks is immediately one of the best big-play receivers in the game!

New Currency

Along with the promo a fresh currency is coming in, Footballs!

Ultimate Kickoff currency 1
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FOOTBALL SEASON: It's time to play ball!

There will be packs in the store for Footballs for team collectible tokens as well as UK players. Once the promo is over they will convert at a ratio, probably into Training.

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Team performance tokens

Purchaseable for 400 Footballs, these go up in value when the team wins, and down when the team loses.

Screenshot 378
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You can quicksell it at any point, so judging the teams schedule will be key!

House Rules

House Rules is back!

Screenshot 379
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It's college OT rules, so teams take it in turns going from the 25 yard line and the team with the most points after a period wins.

You'll get a UK token after 10 wins, with another token available in Solo Challenges. You'll need two tokens to get an NAT Hero.

Screenshot 380 1
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