Madden 21 Ultimate Team Ability Cap: Maximizing your Ability Points is key to MUT this year

So we are a few weeks into Madden 21, and the new gameplay and features are sinking in.

One of the biggest changes this year came to Ultimate Team, with the introduction the Ability Cap.

Managing this new mechanic is now key to success in MUT, so let's go over it and look at the best ways to set up your team.

Ability Cap & Ability Points

Each side of the ball has an Ability Cap of 10 Ability Points.

Each Superstar ability comes with an AP cost, and each X-Factor ability is free!

Madden 21 Ability Cap
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PAY THE PRICE: Activating abilities now costs AP, but with the flexibility comes opportunity

You are still limited to three X-Factor abilities on offense and three on defense. However, now you can mix-and-match your Superstar abilities to suit as long as you don't go over your limit of 10 points.

It all sounds more complicated than it really is, but getting the most out of this system can make all the difference when it comes to H2H Season and Weekend League.

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There are a couple of methods for getting the most out of the Ability Cap. Let's go over a few of our favorite plans.

The superstar QB

There is nothing wrong with piling abilities into one player, especially when that player is your quarterback.

If you've got enough training, then loading up the guy who orchestrates your offense is not a bad idea.

Madden 21 QB abilities 1
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MIRACLE MAN: Make yourself a truly unstoppable QB

Until the OVRs pick up you can't go too nuts with putting AP on one player, but you can still spend far more than your fair share on a playmaking QB.

Things like Gutsy Scambler, Dashing Deadeye, and Second Wind are sure-fire ways of frustrating opponents and forcing them into an early quit.

The Legion of Boom

Nothing scares opponents more than a pick-happy group of heavy-hitters in the secondary.

Madden 21 DB abilities
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PUZZLE PIECES: Making a secondary with complimentary abilities can create an unbeatable unit

Pairing abilities like Flat Zone KO and Acrobat with X-Factors like Zone Hawk and Avalanche creates a secondary that is incredibly difficult to move the ball on. This leaves you free to send blitzes up front and focus on run-stopping.

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A quick turnover on defense is another great way to get an early quit in H2H Season.

Brick Wall Defense

Conversely, you might want to build a defense that is terrific against the run, especially if you have had trouble slowing down the new skill stick.

Madden 21 linebacker abilities 1
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COUNTER PUNCH: Unfakeable is key to surviving the new skill stick

Abilities like Unfakeable are well worth putting on all your linebackers and edge defenders, while Reach Elite will help blocked defenders still make plays.

Play to your strengths

No two Madden players are quite the same, so closely following a guide might not be the best method for you.

If you have a feel for the run game, then put AP on your running back and as many blockers as you can.

If you are a play-action to the TE kind of player, then add some abilities to your stud tight end to help gain yards.

madden 21 gameplay
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SCHEME LORD: If you have a set of plays you use, then add abilities that fit that scheme

Of course, if you are a spread-it-out and sling it player then giving route abilities to four wide receivers is a great way of making mismatches.

There are many ways to get the most out of the new flexible Ability Cap. What is important is to have a plan and spend your training wisely.

It's very expensive to get training right now, so going scatter gun with it will just hurt in the long-run. Have a plan, buy the right abilities, and make sure they are active when you go into your next game!

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