Madden 21 Relocation: Franchise Mode options need to be bigger and better this year

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This offseason has seen big changes to NFL teams with the Raiders moving to Las Vegas and the LA Rams unleashing a brand new logo, albeit to negative reviews.

This year's Maddenis facing threats from every angle. The launch of the season could be delayed, 2K Sports are doing deals with the NFL, and this will be the first game on the next-gen consoles.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X have both released specs recently and they are both raising the game in terms of graphics and processing power to untold heights.

How much Madden will be able to leverage that will remain to be seen. It will still be launched on the current consoles so maybe the focus will be on gameplay.

With all the changes, it might be that EA Sports spend development time to make something more dynamic and like the system 2K sports use in NBA 2k20.

Relocation & Franchise Style upgrades

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Relocation is something that Maddenhas had in the past and to be fair, it still has to some degree. If you are in Franchise mode as an owner, you can select to relocate once your stadium gets to the point it's run-down enough.

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You do get some degree of choice between the styles of a stadium with varying levels of financial return, but the reality is it's pretty meaningless. There's also a limited number of cities to choose from, and those cities have a limited number of logo and franchise name choices. Worse still, these locations - along with their team name, logos, and uniforms have been the same for several years.

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You can see the theme here, EA Sports are trying their best to offer a minimum viable product in some areas which means when the layers get peeled away it lacks depth and substance.

The quality we see from NBA 2k20 takes time. Their investments in years gone by into this level of detail now pays off every year their titles feel more immersive.

Madden 21 can improve relocation

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Given that NFL teams are moving around and expansion is still a potential on the horizon, adding greater depth to this part of the game would be welcomed by all.

What could Madden 21 include?


This is something that was on some Madden over 10 years ago but was taken out and is now replaced with a small choice list. This would take a bit of time, but to give the option to build your own stadium with types of seats from boxes to bleachers would add a layer of realism.

More relocation locations

NBA 2K gives the options of hundreds of cities across the US, including places that already have teams. Madden has the same model but with a fraction of the options.

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To be fair, they have given a nod to international expansion but more included and with metrics affecting the width of fanbase and loyalty would be amazing and 2K have proved it's achievable.


Going back to Madden on the PS2, this was a staple part of the Franchise modes. Linked to relocation, it would be great to have this as a deeper option.

Currently, you can move and create a new franchise but the choices of names and logos are limited. Compare that to 2k where you can upload pictures and then have them on your court. Although there's some management needed for this.

Expansion team/draft

This was actually in Madden 02 as it was the year the Texans joined the league. This allowed existing players to be drafted to be part of the expansion team, with existing teams given protection rights to use on players they wanted to be sure of keeping.

This is another level of depth and another level that 2k has mastered and offer in NBA 2K20. In that game, you can add up to six franchises and choose how the divisions move around and who they draft, as well as create the team, its logo and its stadium. Phew.

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