Madden 20: Franchise relocation guide – how to, logos, cities, uniforms & more

Moving your team to a new city can be frustratingly tricky to do, but we will show you the way.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

NFL team locations have been incredibly fluid in recent seasons.

The St. Louis Rams became the Los Angeles Rams a few years ago, and were soon joined by the Chargers. The Oakland Raiders, who had been eyeing up LA as well, announced their plans to move to Las Vegas by 2020, and there is still speculation that a team could move to London or Toronto.

Madden 20 has catered for players who want to branch out in Franchise Mode, and included the ability to move your team of choice to a number of different locations both in the continental US and abroad to new pastures. Here is everything you need to know about relocating your team.

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Step 1: Set the Franchise Mode up right

In order to have the ability to move your team in the first place you have to set the game up just right. This means selecting “Owner” and then opening up the league settings and choosing “All Players Only” under the relocation setting.


Toby Durant